I am getting on the net at home this weekend!!
That means I will have my email on my profile, and will be working on a webpage in the very near future!!

Hope I talk to you all soon(sat&sun!!)

heading home for the day–b’bye!!

Kelli **

Congrats- I have a word of advice, though. I know with the situation with your ex-idiot, money may be an issue- if you’re using a computer to connect (as opposed to WebTV) try out Netzero
I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I love it. It costs absolutely nothing. Try it! That goes for anyone else who is sick of paying for internet access.

In any event, enjoy your home web experience!

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I second that. I’ve only heard good things about Netzero. For the first few months at grad school, that’s what I’m using…until we get DSL or Cable modem. Already got the account up and ready to go!

Kel, congrats. I’m jealous. We have yet to have a 'puter at home. Too busy paying off bills (at least we’re accomplishing something!) but maybe next year sometime. Enjoy!

this is me from home!!
Well, my 8 year old’s bedroom…
the computeris really slow, and the spacebar sticks, but hey! I am here!

I get 150 hours /month for$25, cheaper than liquor… :slight_smile:

But just as addictive. :wink:

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

I guess that means you’ll be posting more. Oh joy.

Congrats anyway!


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:slight_smile: yeah yeah, bite me, hell-boy! :slight_smile:

I dial into the Net through my local library system. You may guess that it sucks. (Lynx browser. black on white, no pix)
Does anyone know of anything like Netzero for my Macintosh? I looked at em all on Yahoo, but they were all Bill Gates’ bitches. So, any Mac-friendly free net?

JMcC from SFCA <fixed link!

I’ve been investigating this very issue for a friend, and I haven’t found one for Macs yet…I’ll let you know if I do…

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

For slow computers, set UBB preferences to “show topics from last (2 or 5)) days” you can always change it to show older topics manually.

This netzero sounds pretty darn good. We’ve been looking to get out of AOL but it is hard to find access numbers that are not long distance for us. Apparently Netzero has a hook up right here in Oxford. Whooo.

Besides dumping cable at $35 a month, if we can ditch Aol at $21.95 we’ll be rolling in the proverbial dough :slight_smile:

Thanks zette for the websight

Shirley- Give it a shot- I really love it. It works great, I can be on as long as I want. And FREE!
No thanks necessary- I got the website off here from another thread a few months ago :wink:

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