Big O Finale: Cast in the Name of God, Ye Confused

Vauge spoiler type things

Okay, so my friend and I, who have been watching Big O since Season 1 originally came to the US, watched the S2 finale last night.

To quote another friend after he had witnessed the underwater fight seen in The Hulk, “…ummm…What?”

Everytime this show gives me an answer, they change the question. The flashbacks seem conflicting. Was Roger homeless before he found Big O, or not? Was he an android, or some enhanced human chosen to pilot a Big? What’s with the Army of O’s? Are the Bigs gods, or what?

And Angel? She doesn’t know who she is, but she’s with that wacky android-hunting group. And apparently she’s not from Paradigm.

And was this all some giant Truman or Joe Schmo deal, where no one was in on the joke, or what? And why does Angel get the role she does at the end? And since Roger and Dorothy are with her at the end, do they end up knowing what they did in the “new season” of Paradigm?

Help a confused chicken.

Heh-heh. I’m not sure there’s anyone who isn’t confused. They certainly don’t tell you and the clues as to what really happened are ambiguous at best. Mostly because we don’t know what exactly memories are, whose they are and what purpose they are supposed to serve.
But I liked it.