Big ol block of air drying clay - suggestions to make

As the title says. I bought it for specific purpose which is done and dusted so now I have 1 3/4kg block of clay. What can you suggest for me to make folks

A Loch Ness Monster for the garden??

How about I do one for my computer first. Pictures to follow.

Ooh. Can I have it? :slight_smile:

You can make flower pots. That’s what I do with my clay.

I have little experience with air drying clay - does it dry water proof? if not how do you waterproof your pots?

Earlier this year I was using the same stuff to make mobile phone stands.
Here’s one of the better ones:

After they dry, I spray stone-finish paint on them and then a clear enamel.

That is very cool

I enjoy making clay hedgehogs. You take a small lump of clay, mold it into a hedgehog shape (sort of oval-shaped with one end tapering to a point.) Then you take a needle or a pin and etch quills into the back, and poke two holes in the face for eyes.

I often then use a needle to put a thread through the hedgehog and make it into a Christmas ornament.

I fire my clay to make it super duper strong. It is still porous, but so is terra cotta. I’ve never sealed my pots, but they sell an aerosol sealant in craft stores that does the trick.