Big Party Parents Gone Nextdoor...Need Advice NOW

Nextdoor parents are out of town at condo in North Carolina. Two teenage daughters home alone 15 and 17. About 10 cars and 50 kids already there. Options are…

  1. Do nothing

  2. Call the cops

  3. Go nextdoor and pass out condoms

  4. Do number 3 and add 4 cases of beer

  5. Call parents in NC

Need some help here NOW !!! My dear wife is ready to march over and go postal. I kinda like my cars without dents so I’m inclined to let the parents get what they deserve. What does the SDMB say ??

What do you do? Tough question. Do you know if booze is involved for sure? Odds are it is, but you never know. If booze is there, then call the cops. I hate reading in the paper the next morning about kids drinking and driving and turning into road pizza.

If no booze is involved, let’em go. That is unless of course they are getting way to loud and causing a major distubance in the neighborhood.

Are they cute?

um…numbers 4 and 5…

tell the parents that everyone is naked on the lawn and that they should phone home.

number 4. The parents will find out when some other neighbor phones the police.

I’d say, let your wife go postal. That’s always fun to watch no matter who’s involved. :wink:

I say keep a steady watch.

The parents may know they are having a party, but you still don’t want it to get out of hand (which it could do, and quickly). If they’re being respectful and generally quiet (try to be lenient here, take into consideration that they are teenagers) things are likely to be okay.

Also, what are the girls like? What kind of people do they associate with? They could be watching movies and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Don’t hesitate to call the police (and the parents…they’d rather hear it from you than the police) if you feel it necessary.

Also, if it goes well, when the parents get back, compliment them on how well their girls controlled the masses. This lets them know that they had a party (if they didn’t know), but the girls didn’t destroy the house.

Go over, in the role of “nice concerned neighbor guy”.

Let the girls know that you are only a scream away if they need you, while you are there, look for alchohol etc.

You might also want to offer to get anyone home should the need arise.

(I once had about 15 people at my parents house - with permission actually. One got wasted and ugly, I was half drunk, and kicked him out… long story short, it got ugly, and I ended up calling friends of my parents to clear out the house.)

Teenage girls might not be able to handle a crowd that size, they might need you later. And god forbid some drunk kid drive tonight.


Your best bet might be to call the cops after all.

Tought call either way. Do nothing, and the results might haunt you, rat on them, and your tires might be flat tomorrow. Good luck.

:::taking donations to send a blow up doll to that guy stranded on a ship:::

I volunteer to be the doll. um, I mean I wil send a couple of bucks!

(of course they would be canadian dollars…maybe I shouldnt bother :wink: )

I would go for #1. Chances that I want 50 out of control kids drinking next door to me unsupervised are practically nil.

[sarcasm]Yer all heart, Diane.[/sarcasm]

Chief, aren’t you supposed to be in the bathtub???
How can I scrub your back if you won’t hold still???

My 2 cents?

Bust their asses. Call the cops, take pictures, and give them to the kids folks.

Lil buggers don’t need to be ruining your night.

Aw geez, go over and have a couple ‘o’ beer’s with 'em! If they’re 15 and 17, they might need a little education in the “college party scene”.

Worse comes to worse, run! You live next door, and it ain’t your house!

call the cops. they might not need your name. so no vengeful kids need know who ratted them out. And if your tires to end up flat, you’ll have a short list of suspects. :slight_smile:

So what did you do? C’mon, spill it!!!

Go over there and make sure they know how to properly pump a keg and roll a doob. I get so tired of those college parties where the keg is all foam and the joints are falling apart because of some freshman with his head up his ass. Kids should be learning these things in high school, dammit!

Dr. J

Ha, my dear wife went over and broke it all up while I was still on my PC. They had many cases of beer and she even busted a couple of teenies “bumping uglies” in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. No, Chief, she didn’t get any pics. Kind of a shame to end such a good bash but, oh well ! I guess the thing that burns me up is the parents being idiots for leaving the little angels alone and we have to get involved. This thing was planned out for weeks and they were even parking cars in the backyard so nobody could see from the street. It’s like the girls thought all the neighbors were struck deaf and blind overnight. The folks are due back tonight and I’m gonna keep my distance lest I shoot my mouth off and tell them what I really think. I really try to mind my own business.