Big shot from VW - ID3 all-electric car

More details today on exactly where VW are going with this.

Looks good, the specs are good, the price is very competitive. Probably key is the fact that VW will deliver. They say mid 2020 and that is going to happen with a fair degree of certainty. It could be a game-changer and TESLA will be concerned I’m sure. People in Europe at least will be queuing up to give VW money.

I’ll be in the market for something of this size in two or three years time and I’m tempted. I recently tested a Golf and it was excellent though a little cramped. If they have increased the interior space and kept the compact footprint and the quality interior then I’ll be giving it a long hard look.

The only thing I’d like to see is a better-integrated and more seamless charging infrastructure, we shall see how that pans out.

I drive a 2011 Scion Xb that is still in great shape; I still get the same mileage as when I bought it and I only have about 68K miles on it. I am determined that the next car I buy will be electric, so I think this is great news. I would like to have some choices, and some affordable choices, available in the coming years. This car actually looks like a decent car, too.

That’s great news. I had long heard that VW would produce an electric car just as soon as they could figure out how to make it falsify emissions, so I’m glad they finally figured that part out.

Meanwhile you can get virtually the same specs today from a Chevy Bolt, but for some reason they won’t advertise it and they’re typically relegated to the dustiest corner of the lot.

What’s interesting is that it’s built on a platform that VW plans to use for various vehicles of various types, including an electric microbus called the I.D. Buzz. (I think we had a thread about that earlier this year.) I think VW did the same thing, building various vehicles on the Beetle platform, such as the squareback (which we had when I was a kid), the original microbus and the Karmann Ghia.

And I saw via Google News an article about the new electric version of the Renault Kwid, which will sell for under $10,000 in places like China and India.

The VAG “platform” concept is very well advanced now and I’d imagine it will be easier to go even further with this with an electric vehicle due to the simplicity of the drivetrain.