Big Sky (open spoilers)

Anyone else watch the first episode of the new David E Kelley show?
I watched partially because I was trying to figure out why the blond girl in the previews seemed familiar.
She played Dana (Adam Goldberg’s first girlfriend) on the Goldbergs.
(even though I said open spoilers, will put in next post)


I certainly didn’t expect the state trooper to shoot the guy. Sounds like he is in on the sex trafficking thing. Not sure how he is going to hide the fact that he killed the guy.
I also expected somebody to find the ca.


(too late to edit)
Find the car

I take it that this is set in Montana? What part of the state?

I don’t recall if they said, but someone was on the way to see one of the characters and she was travelling I-90 and he diverted her off to I-89 headed toward Yellowstone, if that helps any.

At least one scene was in Helena. As mentioned, two characters were kidnapped somewhere on HWY 89.
I’m pretty sure at least one other town was mentioned, but I dodn’t remember it.


Aren’t Tesla’s AWD? How was that possibly stuck??? I’m in 20 minutes and ready to quit. Looks like crap.

Jesus, that was bad. Delete that timer from the DVR.

At least some Teslas are rear wheel drive only.


I had to eat crow last night.

Wife: Doesn’t that cop seem kind of twitchy?
Me: No, he’s just fulfilling the standard TV trope about a cop about to retire and wanting to maintain his good standing and pension.
Me: or not.

I didn’t like the soapy love triangle element. We’ll see where that goes now that a third of the triangle is gone.

The teenage girl sex trafficking story is creepy, and not in a good way.

But, there’s potential here. The trooper could be a great character. Pilots are oflen clunky; if they reel in the storytelling a bit, this could be a keeper. I’ll stick with it for now.

Anybody stick around for the second episode?

It’s finding its feet a bit, I think, though it still has a sort of “trying too hard” vibe. John Carroll Lynch as the Trooper stands out. Great performance of an interesting character. Brian Geraghty as the trucker could be a good creepy villain - if he ever finds a second note to play.
The two investigator women are ok; I still think their “frenemy” dynamic is a bit forced.

I do like that they’re giving the captive girls some agency, and they’re not just damsels in distress waiting to be rescued.

There is still potential for this to go either way. We’ll see. My wife is liking it less than I am; I may have to go it alone from here.

I did watch the second episode – if they mentioned a city other than Helena I missed it. I suspected the prostitute was trans.


This show is really pretty bad. And pretty ridiculous.

Emigrant was mentioned in addition to Helena.