Big stars and VIPs on "What's My Line?," back in the day

There are a lot of them on Good nostalgic fun.

Jesse Owens:

Henry Fonda:

An amazingly young James Garner, in 1964:

Frank Lloyd Wright, of all people:

Bert “Cowardly Lion” Lahr:

I’ve watched lots of them but my favorite is Salvador Dali’s.

The panelists were pretty good as a rule though a certain Colonel Harlan Sanders of Shelbyville, Kentucky had them stumped.

Ah man! Couldn’t y’all have used spoilers? Now I can’t play along at home. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they usually “sign in, please” right at the beginning, so… :dubious:

I was fairly young in the 60s, but I do remember What’s My Line, and the tail end of This Is Your Life in reruns, and up until the mid 70s talk shows that were more or less Hollywood studios advertising opportunities like Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas.

I really liked them, even though they were more or less sanitized unlike Geraldo and Maury and the ilk that are more for sensationalism.

Anybody remember You Were There?

That was wonderful.

“Are you a human being??”


John Daly was a mystery guest on the last episode. He had some fame as a game show host and a newscaster, he made first radio report of attack on Pearl Harbor on 12/07/41

A lot of guests on that show carry canes.

The Wiki version of it all

And perhaps A “complete” Episode Guide

I’ve watched a good number of the YouTube clips at various times and just now tried to find one where the celebrity’s voice was so well known that he (maybe she) did a great job of disguising it. No luck.