Big wheel keep on spinning.

After the car has stopped. I was at a light the other day when an Impala stopped next to me, and his wheels did, indeed, keep on spinning. It was at night, and I must admit the effect was pretty cool.
Is this what I saw? I could’nt find a site with animation.
Check out those prices. :eek:

I saw a set of those a couple of days ago, on a shiny black pickup truck of some sort. Most silly.

On the other hand, if the price postpones the day when they buy the thumping bass stereo to go along with it, I’m all in favor.

(Wonders, extremely briefly, how they would look on '94 Aerostar van. What a sexy beast.)

I’ve seen them a couple of times. My daughter usually comments on their purchase as a substitute for a lack of adequacy in other…er…areas on the part of the purchaser. I think she’s right. Talk about stupid looking.

Stupid is those whistle things some put on their tailpipes. At least that fad seems to be passing quickly.

Haven’t seen the whistling tailpipes, thank heaven, but I saw my first pair of spinning hubcaps just recently. I thought they were kinda cool, myself.

butrscotch, I think the same thing about those huge Hummers folks are driving. Whenever I see one I want to lean out the window and shout, “Wow! Huge penis you’ve got there!”

The first time I saw these, I thought, “What is wrong with that car? Should I tell the driver?” Now I can imagine the reaction if I had.
I guess I don’t appreciate bling. This thing should never be blought.