Big whiny Canadian tears of a putz.

YOU are an IDIOT.

Based on the attitude displayed in the article, it is clear that you are an idiot and an asshole. Therefore, it is likely that your son is an idiot and an asshole. If that is the case, I wouldn’t have voted for him either. I hope he cries and whines his life away, quitting hockey, and withdrawing into a miserable solitude, so that he can’t get a job, and moves back in with you. The two of you, miserable and alone, but for each other, can wither away, occasionally bleating out a pathetic “why me!”, as you wonder how it is possible that life can be so hopelessly unfair. Asshat. :wally

[sub]Actually, as a father, I can understand the feeling. But my God, grow the fuck up.[/sub]

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