big_jump video information

This video’s been spreading throughout my office and as the semi-offical debunker I’m trying to get info on this incident.

The name of the file is big_jump.mpeg but there are other videos online that share that name.

In the video a Korean (from what I can see of the characters imprinted on the video) male jumps off a building falling feet first approx. 15 stories. The video stops when he lands.

The email message that came with the video said the guy was producing a tv show and tried to bungee off the side of the building but forgot to tie the cord.

This makes no sense since if he had bungeed off the building he’d have slammed into the side on his return trip.

Anyways, anyone seen this video? The clip is ~600Kb
And yes, I tried snopes already (no luck).

If he was dim enough not to attach a rope, I doubt he was concerned with smashing into the side of the building. :smiley:

Well, the email was attached to seemed fishy.

Here’s the email (I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting it):

The video also shows him jumping feet first in a crouch. Bungee jumpers usually jump forward and down AFAIK.

He slams into the ground in the same position. I’m pretty sure if he lived, he’s pretty broken. The video was taken from across the street and zoomed out as he fell.

Here is a linkety link to said video. Wish they wouldn’t have cut the end so soon after the impact.

      • I’d bet a suicide, plain and simple. The guy didn’t “forget to attach his bungee cord”, because he didn’t even have a harness on. Where would he have attached the bungee cord?

Thanks for posting the link beltbuckle.

I was thinking suicide as well but the video shows people behind the jumper. Rather strange to bring your friends with you to your own suicide (or have strangers simply watching).

Can anyone translate the text on the video? It looks Korean to me. Was it a news cast?

Actually, I paid some more attention to the begining of the video. There is at least one hand reaching for him (at least it shows a hand in a few frames reaching out to something).

Also, the text may be Japanese (I’m pretty embarrassed since I’m Japanese, I should be able to at least identify Japanese text).

I don’t think it’s Chinese. I’ll show it to my mother and see if she can read it.

Also, the cars at the end of the video are rather old/strange. I can’t really see it as being recorded in Japan any time recently.

I believe that text is Japanese, although there are none of the Kanas that differentiate Chinese from Japanese but the first two symbols are “Heisei” which is the current Japanese era, starting in 1989 so therefore it means “1991, June, Hiroshima”.

The voice over also speaks in Japanese.

I didn’t know there was sound. Yeah, the speaker was speaking Japanese (only got out a word before the guy jumped). I believe now it’s a suicide. Very common thing in Japan.