Biggest Fight with Your Honey

I love spousal fights on the message boards. :slight_smile:

Back in the old days, I was on a local area where two of the crew were married and getting divorced. You’ve never seen really good flames 'til you’ve seen that kind of thing. One time, the woman posted saying he never got hard. The man responded that only water gets hard in an icebox. Yow!

(Later, I was the best man in the guy’s second wedding. :slight_smile: )

OK, my biggest fight with my husband sounds too silly to be true. But, I kid you not, we were about ready to rip each other’s throats out over the following question: Can fleas live on humans?

To put this in perspective, we have 4 animals- two cats and two very large dogs (my st bernart weighs 150 pounds). Well, we got a case of fleas one year and not only were the pets going crazy, but they were eating us humans alive also. My husband found a flea on him at work (hee, heee -sorry, it makes me giggle just to picture it, my husband is soooo anal) and he went balistic. He came home ranting and raving saying that the fleas were living on him now. I argued that fleas CANNOT live on humans, CAN TO, CANNOT, CAN TO, CANNOT, well, you get the picture…We laugh about it now, but at the time it seriously almost came to blows.

The biggest fight my hubby and I have gotten into to date has been about animal euthanasia. My mom had one of our OLD cats put to sleep because of a number of issues: loss of bladder control, arthritis, kidney failure etc. The cat was a wonderful cat who had lived a good long life (she was about 13 or 14) but was now very uncomfortable, she couldn’t keep down any food, was incontinent, starting to have kidney failure, etc, etc. My mom has had this cat since we were young(er) and the cat was a kitten. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. I mentioned it to my husband and he said basically, that when my mom was old and sick, how would she like to be put to sleep etc and how basically brutal, cruel, and thoughtless my mom was for doing such a thing. I bit my tongue and said,“she made the decision that she felt was best for the cat under the circumstances” and then I went upstairs. He came upstairs and started making comments on “we’ll never do that to our cats; your family has problem with this [my dad had recently had our family’s oldest cat put to sleep for the same reasons. Again, very traumatic family event].” At that point, I just blew. His dad has absolutely no regard for animal life (which is why I think he’s on the complete other end of the spectrum) so I said,“Well that’s fine. At least my dad took Strawberry [the cat] to the vet; he didn’t kill him with a brick like your dad did”. (which is true; he and his brother had lots of pets that “disappeared” if they growled, clawed, or snapped at the kids. His dad put a firecracker in a cat’s rear once. Randy had pet chickens as a kid and one of the roosters attacked him one day and when his dad got home and found out, he went out and beat it to death.)
Well, it all hit the fan then. Names started flying etc. We’ve basically made an agreement that I won’t talk about his family’s treatment of animals and he won’t talk about mine.

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of one weak creature makes a void in any heart, so
wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth
of vast eternity can fill it up!
-Charles Dickens “Dombey and Son”

Biggest difference of opinion with my wife is currently whether or not to get my baby girl’s ers pierced. She’s three months old. She wants to do it by six months. I think we should wait until she’s old enough to want them herself. I’m probably going to end up giving into her, but the [GUSHINGFATHER]kid’s so cute as she is[/GUSHINGFATHER], I don’t want to change the look at the moment. (For the record, she says she doesn’t want to either, but she knows she’ll want the kid having earrings at 3 or 4, and that if she doesn’t get them pierced soon, she’ll be too old not to be constantly pulling at them, until 5 or 6).

Chaim Mattis Keller

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– Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective

your post made all the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
honey…please dont have kids with this nut…if you do, for the love of pete, DONT LET GRANDPA BABYSIT!
it has been my experience, that people treat pets they way they would secretely like to treat people.Good luck.

On a more amusing note, my first husband used to talk in his sleep, and one night he announced himself: “My name’s Johnny Cash” with a drawl and everything…oh, I laughed so HARD!
then one night he whispered in an urgent sharp tone(in his sleep)“And she was never…ever…seen…again!”
we were near the end at that point, and I didnt sleep well till I got out of there for good.(he was unstable and prone to violence-a fact that conveniently he manage to hide until two days AFTER the damn wedding.)

ah wedded misery…the memories!

oops, one slipped in post was for BunnyGirl…you are so sweet and kind in all your posts, I am just so stunned that you married into that family…please tell me hubby has TONS of redeeming features, and that the in-laws live on another planet…

oh, and cm keller…if you really dont want the earrings, stick to your guns, I personally think it is kind of arbitrary to do it just cause you think she will want them later…watch for infection…if you really are on the fence, just let it go…save your guns for the great birth control debate!

Chaim, for what it’s worth (you can tell your wife I said so), I always thought it was horrible to see babies with pierced ears. Ugh.

Not that I want to get into your marital problems, but working all day long, coming home tired, and having to take care of a house because my partner played video games, watched TV, or slept most of the day, would get old very quick.

Even though she is at work all day, it wouldn’t be hard to tell what went on during the day. Just one look at the house would be clue enough.

Are you pulling your weight while she is at work?

Ummmm. . . this gives me an idea for a new thread.


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Oh, man, my husband did that. It was only about three months when his business folded and he was on the dole. I would work an 8.5 hour day . . . come home . . . and he would have spent the entire day labelling his cassette collection. Dirty dishes still piled high, beds not made . . .URGH!!!

My honey and I aren’t fighters, but any major disagreements we have had have always been about HOUSEWORK (and his sorry-ass inability to do any).

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My darling husband says (mildly snipped)

Trash novels? Currently I’m dividing my attention between Rimbaud, Dean Koontz, and the following:
“The Complete Book of Home Decorating”
“Your Baby and Child”
“Keeping Life Simple” and
“Psychology Applied to Life and Work”
in addition to keeping up with both area newspapers and all the magazines I’ll receive till 2001, courtesy of my previous job at a magazine clearinghouse.

Trash novels indeed. Pshaw.

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Hmmm, only big major fight with my last ex was the last big major fight with him.

It was late January. He had quit work because his company was evil (I agreed on that point), but couldn’t be bothered to look for a job for weeks. He wouldn’t get his truck fixed (I thought he was broke), so he used my car and trashed the struts.

Then, at the beginning of February, I got sick - abdominal pain, which in my experience means I have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Had to go to the emergency room (always a hoot), had to get a pelvic exam from a doctor who couldn’t say “pelvic inflammatory disease”; he could only say “female trouble”. It turned out that on top of PID, I also had a trich infection - which may have triggered the PID.

On top of that, I was so broke that my check for the medication bounced. Three days later, my boyfriend spent $300 on beef. Some butcher’s deliveryman needed to get rid of some meat and my boyfriend fell for it.

When I tried to explain to him, crying with frustration, how hard the last couple of weeks had been for me, and that I was very angry with him for giving me not one, but two sexually transmitted diseases, he said (and I quote) “Gee, I guess you’re never going to let me live that one down.”

I went ballistic. Never in my life have I thrown such an incredible screaming fit. I’m astonished, looking back on it, that I didn’t hit him or throw anything at him.

The next day, I broke up with him. A week after that, I threw him out of my apartment.

sigh Oh, well. I figure that used up my drama-in-romance quota, and I shouldn’t have to handle anything like that again.

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Kelli, yes, my husband is a gem, if you can believe it coming from this family. Truly I cannot believe he shares the same genes with these wierdos. His mother is a nut too. Literally. Andrea,my sister-in-law is has her Masters in Social Work, and does a lot of couseling and we always talk about the wacko issues that these two need to deal with. Andrea is alot like me in our views on things and this weekend the grandparents watched her daughter (my darling little niece) for a day. When she went over to pick her up, Grandpa proudly announced,“I taught her how to kill ants with a hammer”. He was proud of this!! She’s 2, for god’s sake! Andrea was completely mortified. She was almost speechless. Grandma saw the reaction however, and we both know, will say something to Grandpa. With the baby, they are the complete opposite: no discipline whatsoever. Let her color anywhere she wants, no naps, stuff her full of sweets etc. Takes Andrea about 2-3 days to get her “back in shape”. Grandma asked her “When do you think you guys will have another baby?” (she knows better than to ask me). Andrea told her “Oh probably 3 years or so.” G-ma said, “Oh I can’t wait that long”. Uh, hello? I think OpalCat’s sig says it best: Cluemobile, you’ve got a pickup.
Really, they’re incredible. Gives Andrea and I something to rant about when we have coffee together!!

We don’t normally get into big fights, but hubby and I had a fairly serious discussion about kids- I want 'em, he’s not ready. I have a degenerative back disorder that’s getting worse all the time…my days of waiting are long over…he’s 35…how much more friggin ready do you need to be?? So we had a “discussion” about it, as rational as we could, and I told him that if I knew he really wasn’t interested in having kids I would have married someone else (totally not true). We finally came to an agreement and decided to wait 6 months and then try. It had me pretty worried, though.

PS- those spouse posts make it feel a bit like Springer in here…
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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For ChrisCTP - I don’t want to be judgmental here…but I’m just curious…why are you in this relationship? I’m really curious. What are you getting out of it? Is it…could it be…LOVE? After reading the rest of these responses, I’m thinking my husband buying a motorcycle against my wishes is CALM compared to some of this stuff. To each his own.