Biggest f'ing spoiler possible is in GoT thread

Don’t read this thread if you’re currently unspoiled. There is a spoiler that needs to be removed fast. I’ve reported it but I’m hoping to get a quick response.

Is it as bad as the “no spoilers” thread that was supposed to only cover the first few episodes of Breaking Bad?

The spoiler that told how the whole fucking series ended.

Thanks random SDMB Jackass.

God-fucking-dammit! Crucible should be banned and the post deleted. Along with the spoiler box in Idle Thought’s post.

Moderator Action

This is more of a CS issue than an ATMB issue. Since the relevant mods are aware of the issue (we’re even having a discussion about it in the mod loop since we generally don’t delete posts), I don’t see any need for this thread to continue. Any necessary resulting actions will be taken in the thread in question.

Thread closed.

If someone believes that they have something they need to discuss here, PM me or report this thread and I will consider re-opening it.