Bike the Drive, street fairs and $$$$$ [ANSWERED BY CECIL]

So I was looking at a Chicago calendar of events, and got interested
in Bike the Drive (as well as a few other local stret fairs), and upon
going to their website, discovered its at least $40 buck to register.
So I wanted to finally get the straight dope on if I actually have to
pay to get into events that are happening on public thoroughfares that
I as a home owner, and city dweller already pay taxes on. Now I know
that many of the street fairs have good charitable causes going for
them, but $40 dollars to bike on LSD! Talk about a sharp stick in the

In his reply, Cecil mentioned the North Branch Trail, then went on to largely describe the North Shore Channel Trail. They may start the same, someday, but, the NBT heads roughly NW from the dam just south of Foster, with a LOT of on street breaks, till it resumes at Caldwell and Devon, with another trailhead further west at Milwaukee Ave. The NSCT just follows the North Shore Channel, (duh), to Green Bay Rd. in Evanston.
Lots of other trail connections, check out one of the local bike maps. There is much more trail news. Too much to blog about here.

Wookie’s question has now been answered by Cecil:

Cecil was using the term “North Branch Trail” a bit casually - he didn’t mean the existing trail, such as it is, but rather the future trail along the North Branch through the city proper, most of which south of Lawrence now exists only in short stretches. I’ll add some clarifying language. If you have other trail news, feel free to blog away and add links here, or post here if you care to.

Mr. Zotti, thanks to you and Cecil for the clarification. I felt my comment was necessary as cyclists, (like myself), are usually sticklers for directions. We can’t just buy a few more gallons of non renewable fossil fuels to go a few more miles.