Bikers! Opinions wanted! Help choose Bernse's next ride!

I’ve posted a couple threads in the past about bikes, but I am now getting quite close to making a decision. I’ll either pick one up this fall or spring at the latest (depending if any good deals come along!)

Here is the scoop. I am in the market for a new bike. I’ve even have Mrs. Bernse’s “tentative” approval.

What I want: Sport Tourer. I want something with hard luggage. Something that is equaly comfortable in town or for a 4 hour ride on the highway. Realistically - minimum displacement of 1000cc. Disc front/back with EFI (I’m sick of carbs)

The bikes in the running (for now):

Honda ST1300

Yamaha FJR1300

I also briefly toyed with the idea of a touring cruiser (Victory V92TC in Solar Red ) but I am leaning against that as they aren’t as “friendly” in the city and frankly, I think they are quite overpriced for what you get.

I’d love some opinions on any of the above bikes, or other bikes that you think might fit the bill. I’d especially like first hand (IE - seat time) knowledge.

Here is another one, a BMW R1150RT

We don’t have a BMW dealership nearby to where I live so I can’t see one. Any thought on those bikes?

Actually, drop that thought. I was looking at the price list and that bike is about $4K more than the other two.

Unless it flies and/or gives me a BJ as I ride it, that’s a little too rich IMHO.

I’ve been thinkin’ about gettin’ a ride too. Also been thinkin’ about the Yamaha’s. I say go with the Yamaha FJR1300. :slight_smile:

The Aprilia Falco or Futura , or perhaps on the sporting side of sports tourer then the Duke ST4 ?

I’m not so sure about Beemers, the front end feels like it’s tucking under when you are on tight slow turns, not so good with a passenger, loaded in a city, the gearboxes are still nothing like as smooth as the STX or FJ, and being aircooled they don’t really enjoy long traffic jams either.

Depends on your cash but you could hang on and wait to see what the new Triumph tourer is like, it’s due out very shortly and will be a 1300 I believe. If they turn out a 900 version it may well end up the better machine, this certainly happened with the Triumph Trophy, the 1200 was a bit too lardy.
Don’t be too worried with the engine size, a 900 triple like the Triumph has loads of grunt low down.

If you want to be noticed then the Triumph Rocket III might be good for a giggle, 2300CC it produces peak torque at a dizzying 2500 revs !
It can outdrag a GSXR1000! - Should be enough grunt there for you.
It apparently handles well for this style of machine, during testing Triumph managed to high side one, try that on a Harley.

Triumph are also just about to announce it’s ‘hyper tourer’ of the same family as the Honda CBR1300XX and the Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa

Triumphs machine will be a 1300 and is expected to be capable of cracking the 200mph barrier - which explains why they didn’t sign the 186mph gentlemens agreement between all the other bike manufacturers a couple of years back.

Wow. That thing is a beast.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like much of a sport tourer, although a person could probably tie a chain to the back of it and use it to pull stumps out of your yard!

How about a Vincent Black Shadow?

Haven ridden neither all I can offer is a summation of a Honda review from Motorcycle Online (subscription req’d for full review)

They also did a comparo between the Ducati ST4s, Yamaha FJR, Triumph Sprint ST, and Aprilia RST Futura and basically the Yamaha came out on top as THE interstate sport-touring machine, although all the testers said it wasn’t as nimble as the others in the twisties.

Sorry, actually the Aprilia came out on top vote-wise but the writer of the article concluded with get the Yamaha if you know what’s good for you.