Bill Clinton book signings... anyone been?

I have come questions regarding them:

How early should I show up? I know that they start passing out armbands here at 7 AM, and I was planning on showing up at 3 AM. Is that too late? I’ll call into work tonight if I need to.

Do I need to have a separate receipt for each book? I have 5 books, but I bought them all at the same time.

Lol, why is this in IMHO? (Shut up, everyone, probably because I accidentally put it there)

If it belongs in GQ, like I think it does, could a mod please move it?

Well, the signing was today. I ended up going up there at about 9:30 pm last night, and I ended up being number 44 out of all of the people. Our group ended up waiting about 17 hours to have our books signed. But eBay tells me that it’s worth it :stuck_out_tongue: