Bill Clinton really should have been impeached

Ulysses S. Grant misplaced his horse for several hours one day.

More interesting than the OP’s tale, and just a little less timely.

So some aide didn’t know (maybe) where the codes were and this is Clinton’s fault.

Why is every little muck up by anyone for certain Presidents entirely their fault while others are “Teflon Presidents” and such???

There were an immense number of real scandals under Reagan, many of which he personally participated in. No impeachment. Instead he became St. Ronnie.

He can still be impeached (again), you know. Nothing says he has to be in office for that. Maybe this is something all those Republicans in Congress can finally agree on! Lock. Him. Up!!

Where? In “Mallard Fillmore”?


Odd, isn’t it, that you want Clinton retroactively impeached for not knowing where the old codes were, while* at the same time* you hope Trump never gets hold of the current ones. I wonder what the difference could be?

If JC Himself came back, in this climate he would simply be crucified (or such) again.

I’m just hoping Trump has lost the codes. If we’re really lucky they never gave him the real ones.

The emails story will sunset by 2025, after we have moved to direct mind to mind communication, and no one knows what an email is anymore.

Benghazi though, that’ll keep going till the heat death of the universe.

Crucified verbally perhaps. For speaking about helping the poor, and also for hanging out with prostitutes.

This, a million f’ing times.:smack:

This isn’t a Tom Clancy novel. If Bill Clinton, or any other president, needed to launch an nuclear strike, that won’t depend on him or her needing to remember some numbers.

They told him the codes was 1-2-3-4-5.

I’m pretty sure the OP knows that, since his first line was “Not for Monica, for this:”

That’s amazing! I’ve got the same combination on my luggage!

In the OP you said that he lied about it for months. In the article you quoted it said “This comedy of errors went on, without President Clinton’s knowledge I’m sure, until it was finally time to collect the current set and replace them with the new edition,” Shelton writes.

So, Clinton didn’t lie about it for months, his aides did. Besides, no one else can do anything with it and while it might make launching a nuclear strike difficult (or impossible) at some random time, surely even without the codes at hand, the president could make it happen if there we detected incoming nukes.

PS, when googled this, every article (all based on the same source I’m sure) starts with ‘Hillary said we can’t trust Trump with nuclear weapons but her own husband lost the codes’…because that’s the same thing.

Of everything that happens during the 4 (or 8) years of a presidency, this was akin to losing the keys to your car. The only reason anyone even knows about it is because Gen Shelton mentioned it in a book. A quick glance at his wiki page makes it sound like he’s a pretty big supporter of both the Clintons.

Anyways, blah blah blah adaher hates democrats, nothing to see here.

I had to double check the date on the OP because I thought surely this was a zombie post. I mean really who is still talking about this and WHY?


Gowdy is among the GOP Reps leaving, so maybe not.

Beat me to it. I was going to say something about Chester A. Arthur temporarily losing his monocle.

What part of “Mundane and Pointless” do you not* get?* :wink:

I repeat…