Bill Clinton really should have been impeached

Not for Monica, for this:

He lost the nuclear codes, lied about it, and so for months didn’t have quick access to the nuclear arsenal.

Sounds unbelievable, but the source is about as reliable as they get: Hugh Shelton.

I don’t believe that. If they were gonna update the old one was of no use anyway. I say bullshit!

Dated Oct 20, 2010.
Getting desperate for material?

I got news for you. Bill served his two terms and can’t serve again and Hilary lost her bid. You should be worried about the clusterfuck in the White House.

Uh…, I thought Bill Clinton was impeached…

The article at least says nothing about him lying for months. It claims he didn’t have the code for months. Yet, another version claims simply that he didn’t have it the morning of the Lewinsky issue and admitted it, saying that it was a regular check, meaning he couldn’t have lied about it. The article admits the truth is murky.

I find it more likely that this is an attempt to make another (Democratic) president look less competent so that Trump looks better. There’s even the claim by the most recent soldier this being never told before, when it was. And, since this is classified stuff that had to be cleared, surely he’d know the truth.

Saying we should impeach over that is even more irresponsible. It’s not as if anyone else can give the codes. It just means that the President wouldn’t have been able to give them if something happened between losing it and getting a new one. And this was during a time where such was unlikely to be necessary.

Is it something that shouldn’t happen? Definitely. Does it reflect badly on the character and ability of the President, meaning he can’t fulfill his duties? No. Is it breaking his oath to uphold the Constitution and thus its laws? No. It’s a mistake anyone could make.

And, if the earlier version is to be believed, it could be because of the stress of the Lewinsky thing anyways. Do you really want to make this political, when we can pull out that travesty?

Sorry, that link doesn’t tell that part of the story. This one does:

Clinton lost the codes and then avoided the military aide as long as he could, insisting he had the codes when he didn’t. Shelton interprets this as somehow not in Clinton’s knowledge, but come on.

I’m sure you have a vitally critical reason for bringing this up now.

He was. People don’t know what impeached really means.

Because the story broke today. And it’s interesting.

As I noted in post 3, the story you linked to is dated Oct 22, 2010.
“interesting”, my ass. If it was merely “interesting”, you wouldn’t be making a big deal over why he wasn’t impeached.

25 years of chasing after the Clintons, who are long gone from office and are no longer active villains in the Republican narrative and you people still can’t let it go.


I honestly believe that if Jesus Christ appeared and told you people that the Clintons had not done any of the crap you claim they had, you wouldn’t believe him.

And frankly, if you believe he should have been impeached for anything he did, then I’m waiting for you to admit that Trump should be impeached right now for doing a great deal worse than that.

But you won’t, will you. For strictly partisan reasons that discredit your position.

Hmmm… Seems to have popped up on 8 January on a bunch of conservative sites. You’re behind with you official talking points, Adaher.

BTW, this story broke in 2010 in the NY Post.

God, dude, it’s really not interesting and you need to move on.

You’ll note that the article adaher linked to also claims that Jimmy Carter lost the nuclear codes. The agenda’s pretty obvious.

Credibility? The story is based on somebody claiming it happened years after Clinton had left office. And the two people who have gone public with the story can’t agree on what year it supposedly happened in. But apparently nobody thought this massive national security crisis that the President should have been impeached over was worth mentioning at the time it happened.

Well, since when have they believed anything he said?

shrug It’s looking increasingly bad for the Republican party as a whole, so the various attempts at deflection are getting more and more desperate.
It’s not just Trump, and the party’s willingness to put up with him. There’s also the gerrymandering that’s being looked at, and other matters.

he’s been out of the office for 18 years.


I do not want to still be hearing “but… but… but her EMAILS!” in the year 2030.

Good grief!

We can just pray that Trump has lost the codes. Because Clinton could be trusted not to use them unless absolutely necessary, Trump not so much.

So i guess Shelton’s reliable when his story conforms with your partisan politics, but somewhat less reliable when he doesn’t tell the story that you want to hear?