Bill Cosby charged with felony sexual assault..

I didn’t see a thread, so I thought I would start one:

If you read the probable cause affidavit (linked in the article), it looks like ole Bill said some damning stuff in his deposition testimony.

Case was already settled and the lady got paid. I’d guess it was easily in the six digits range. Now its double jeopardy lets stick it to Cosby anyhow. All the other allegations are decades old and this is the only one they can possibly use.

Stinking politics wants to result in throwing an 78 year old guy in prison. One old man dying in prison to launch some a-holes political career.

Any doubt Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele will be running for higher office very soon?

This isn’t about justice. Steele is using this case and the victim. First he wins the DA’s job. He may even eventually win a Senate seat off Cosby’s scalp. Or Governor of the state.

No, it’s not.

I agree by strict legal terms, its not double jeopardy.

Its double dipping. First the lady gets a juicy settlement and then Cosby still gets prosecuted (days before time runs out) a decade later by an ambitious politician wanting to further his career. This reeks of politics at its worst.

Yeah, it’s hard luck for ol’ Bill. Someone should’ve warned him, back when he was drugging and molesting all those women, that he might end up being victimized by some cutthroat DA one day.

If you commit a violent crime, you have to pay the state and the victims. You owe both of them, and paying one does not relieve you of having to pay the others. It’s not double dipping, because the state never got to dip even once. The alternative is that it’s not a crime to commit rape if you’re rich enough to hand out “juicy settlements.”

Gosh! He might win a DA or Senator’s job by pandering to all those horrible folks who think “Raping women is bad.” Damn those people anyway!

I heard on the news today that some of the women said they were “urged” by him to take pills. Since it sounds like something they knew they were doing, and that the drugs weren’t hidden in food or drink, one wonders how the word “urged” might be defined. Since people generally don’t take pills handed to them in a private home by a stranger, I’m guessing force or violence was involved in this too.


Not really. If you read the PC affidavit, she said that she had been under a lot of stress and couldn’t sleep. Cosby came back with three pills and said that his “three friends” would help her. She asked if they were herbal, and he said yes.

Also Cosby wasn’t a stranger to her. They had an extensive, non-sexual relationship which does raise some eyebrows, especially as she said he had tried to initiate sex twice before.

Anyways, if I was at a person’s house I knew, and he or she told me to take a few pills because I was having sleeping trouble, at best I might think it was an herbal supplement, or at worst, it was an illegal dispensation of prescription medication, I can see a situation at some point in my life where I would agree to take it if I was desperate for sleep.

But just taking Cosby’s side of the story as presented in the affidavit, he admits to stuff that could be construed as criminal, and is definitely very creepy. I’ve never taken Quaaludes, but would it cause the symptoms she complained of? I don’t think that there is any law against convincing a woman to have a few drinks (not to the point of extreme intoxication) to lower her inhibitions, so if the Coz thought he was just putting her in the right mood, again creepy, but not necessarily criminal.

But his other actions show evidence of his guilt. Read the PC affidavit.

Bullshit! He’s a career prosecutor, having been an ADA in that office for 20 years, & a prosecutor even longer than that. He only ran because his boss didn’t run for reelection as she ran for a judgeship instead.
I have personally dealt with him professionally before (I was subpenaed in a rollover DUI case {as it turns out, against my then-neighbor who lived in the same development that I did at that time}. Good guy; took the time to explain everything to us & make us feel comfortable even though we ultimately didn’t need to testify.)

The whole reason it came up is that the douchebag he was running against, the two-ago DA; was also trying for that spot again. Bruce “Disaster” Castor (a complete & utter fucking asshole who never met a TV camera he didn’t like!) is the DA who originally passed on charging him 10 years ago.

The reason that Cosby gave the deposition in the civil case is that the Douchebag Asshole declined to press charges & Cos (& his legal team) thought it was a confidential settlement. Having a supposed confidential settlement be leaked is wrong. The reason that this came up again is that this year, woman after woman has come out with basically the exact same story about what Cosby did to them & this case is still within the statute of limitations.

  • In no way is this post meant to be defending Cosby. I don’t know him, I’ve never spoken with him, & I’ve only ever seen him once (he was on the dais at a graduation I attended) but I did think his comedy was funny. However, with ≈ 50 women stating basically the same story one has to believe there’s some truth to at least some/most/all of them & that far overrides a funny story about giving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast. It’s just my experience with that Douchebag Asshole is that he only prosecuted cases that got him good press. He has openly stated he didn’t think he could win a conviction but apparently others disagree. The politics comes in to play in that he was charged one day before the current DA leaves office.

Seems obvious to me this woman’s case is being used as a political football. District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele is using her just like Cosby did. He’s two faced. Talking about justice for a nearly 15 year old case and using it to further his career.

I doubt any of the tabloid accusations against Cosby will be allowed into the trial. This case has to stand on its own merits. A prosecutor already looked at it years and years ago and determined it wasn’t strong enough to bring to trial. Despite the victim’s violation of a confidentiality agreement, the case is probably even weaker now. That leaked deposition shouldn’t be allowed in. It’s tainted evidence. A lot hinges on whether they allow the accusers from decades ago to enter testimony. Cosby is SOL if they do.

I’m not defending Cosby. The number of accusers is impossible to ignore. A DA that hasn’t even been sworn into office and bringing charges days before the statute of limitations runs out, is what I object too. The circus is coming to town with him as the ringmaster.

Even if the DA was just doing this to further his career, so what? Who’s the victim of this “wrongdoing”? Bill Cosby the serial rapist?

You fucking well are, and it’s repulsive.

I have no sympathy for Cosby. He was born on July 12, 1937. That makes him 78 years old today.

Do any of you remember the case of Robert Durst? It was made famous in a TV special called “The Jinx”. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (TV Mini Series 2015) - IMDb

The essence of that case was that Durst was charged with murder in a case that was apparently a “slam dunk”. (that is what the DA’s office called it). But Durst was acquitted and went free.

He admitted to dismembering the body of the victim with a number of tools including a very big saw but he claimed it was self-defense.

What do you think of a case in which someone claims self-defense but then uses this giant saw to cut off the victim’s head and arms and legs and put them all the separate pieces into garbage bags and then throw them into a lake or ocean (I forget which). Self-defense is ridiculous. Right? There was no way he could get off. Right? Well, he did get off.

The point is that if you are wealthy in America, you can get off with the most incredible crimes. But OJ did eventually go to prison and I hope Cosby does as well.

But with all his money, Cosby should be able to drag the trial out for at least 2 years. So he will likely be 80 if he is ever sentenced and even if he only serves 5 years, that should still be equivalent to a death sentence.

So, I think it’s fair to say he will be on trial for his life.

It occurs to me that I should state the reasons why I think it’s ridiculous for someone to claim self-defense once they dismember their victim’s body.

The reason is that if you kill someone when acting in self-defense, you don’t dismember the body. You call the police and you let them come and gather all the evidence which should support your claim of self-defense.

But when you dismember the body, it looks like you have something to hide.

Durst never called the police. After dismembering the body, he tried to hide from the authorities.

I don’t remember the exact sequence of events. But he shaved all his body hair (including his eyebrows) and started dressing and acting like a woman and tried to pretend that he was a woman.

That was a pretty incredible attempt to hide from the police.

The “Late Night” comics when nuts when he was charged. You may want to watch this six-hour mini series just to see what people like Bill Mahr had to say about someone who dismembers a body and then tries to claim “self defense” and then gets off.

BTW, in case you don’t know, this happened in Galveston, Texas. And in Texas, when someone claims self-defense in a murder trial, the burden of proof shifts to the prosecution to prove the defendant was not acting in self defense. He got off because the prosecutors needed to prove something about Durst’s state of mind and since Durst never admitted anything about his state of mind, they couldn’t prove shit and so the jury let Durst off.

That is just my best recollection as to why he got off. If you want to know the exact reason, you should read the news reports or watch the six hour mini-series. That mini-series is actually more of a documentary than it is a drama. So, it appears to be very factual.

There must be something missing from my recollection. Otherwise everyone charged with murder in Texas could claim self-defense and get off. There must be more to it than that. So, if you want to know, you prob should watch the mini-series.

I live in Montgomery County, a few minutes from the county courthouse. I imagine that things are going to get very busy around here.

Yup. This will be bigger than OJ’s trial. A dozen media trucks parked around the courthouse. A line of pundits and commentators on every news show reminding everybody why Cosby is guilty. He was convicted long ago in the tabloids and this will be more piling on.

I don’t know if it’s possible for him to get a fair trial. I have no idea where they’ll find 12 unbiased jurors. The media coverage and the long line of accusers against Cosby has been unrelenting for a full year.

We’ll have to wait and see how it works out. He’s already a fully discredited and ruined man. If he’s acquitted nothing will change.

What they normally do is ask if the potential jurors can put aside any preconceptions and decide the case strictly on the evidence that’s presented to them.