Bill Maher: 23 September

Well, that was a change. All three panelists were Brits, and the differecnes in style versus the usual American guests showed. Seems American guests are always cutting each other off and stepping on each other’s points. The Brits did occasionally butt in, but for the most part they seemed to let each other finish their thoughts (more or less).

One surprising thing was that there were few laughs in the panel discussion. There were some jokes, but they were rather arid. The audience seemed not to catch some of them.

So the panelists seemed a little uptight. But I really enjoyed the international perspective.

Funny line: The conservative-leaning Brit said, ‘George Bosh’s eyes are so close together he could wear a monacle instead of glasses.’

‘George Bush’s eyes are so close together he could wear a monacle instead of glasses.’

Wouldn’t want anyone to think I was talking about Hieronymus Bosch. :wink:

I thought it was interesting how antagonistic George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens were. I think there’s a thread elsewhere on the boards on a debate they had about the Iraq war, so apparently there’s some history there. When Hitchens made a joke at one point, Galloway sat there stone-faced even while Bill Maher tried to get him to acknowledge it.

When I saw Hitchens on “The Daily Show”, he seemed just a bit drunk; I thought the same might have been true on “Real Time”. Or possibly he’s just very shy; seems to have a problem making eye contact. I haven’t read his books; maybe I should, because I’ve never been able to make sense of his rationale for supporting Bush’s policies in the Middle East. He and Galloway seriously don’t seem to like each other. Some of Galloway’s statements seemed like sheer hyperbole.

I recognized Katy Katt from the BBC news, which I see on BBC America. Often you get better reporting about U.S. events from the BBC than you do from American news media.

I mean Katty Kay, not Katy Katt. Katy Katt would be a ridiculous name, whereas Katty Kay is very dignified.

A couple of the jokes about Bush (allegedly) drinking again made me laugh. Of course Bill Maher had ‘photographic evidence’. There was one that showed Barbara Bush with an adhesive bandage on her head. Not very nice or very tasteful, but I did laugh.

I thought it was interesting how the panel addressed almost all their comments directly to Maher, and almost never to each other. It was sort of parliamentary.

I wonder if they just thought was the correct procedure for a panel show, or if it was because Hitchens and Galloway simply didn’t want to talk to each other.

I’ve always enjoyed Hitchen’s arguments. A lot of what he says draws on references I’ve never even heard of before, but he makes some great points.