Bill Walsh has died.

CNN is reporting that former 49’s head coach Joe Walsh has passed away at 75 from leukemia.


Joe Walsh just looks dead.

Bill Walsh has just passed, though.

I thought you were talking about the other Joe Walsh, the one who played some kick-butt rock and roll with the James Gang and the Eagles, then went on to a respectable solo career afterwards. Mods, you might want to alter the title of the thread to reflect that distinction.

Dang, don’t scare me like that!

The good news? I brough Joe back to life.

The bad? I banned Bill for life.

No, you mean you banned him *from * life.

[sub]I’m going to hell, aren’t I?[/sub]

I was going to post that life’s been good to him so far, but then I read the thread and realized it’s the wrong Walsh.

Well, now that which Walsh has passed has been cleared up, I just want say that Bill Walsh was a source of wonderful joy to me growing up in the Bay Area. Having that Niner Dynasty of the 80’s was a fun, great time, and his influence in the pro football coaching field is undeniable.

Thanks, Bill - and godspeed.