Billboard Music Chart Question

Has a song ever been #1 on the Billboard Top 100 singles’ chart, fallen from the top spot (but remained in the Top 100), only to climb back up to the #1 spot? Even a drop to #2 and then back up to #1 the following week?

If it’s happened more than once, what was the biggest drop for a song from #1 before returning to the top of the chart?

(I’m not talking about a song that may have gone #1 and then was rereleased at some later time and hit #1 again. Only songs that never left the Top 100 before returning to the #1 spot count.)

Hmm, maybe I should do at least a little research before posting a thread. Apparently, several songs have been the #1 song in non-consecutive weeks. This site lists all #1 songs and indicates which were #1 in non-consecutive weeks.

Heck, if you inspect the chart closely, you"ll see that Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” hit number one in two different YEARS. And it wasn’t a remake, just a re-release.

Yeah, I knew about “The Twist.” That’s why excluded songs that reached number one and fell off the chart all together only to reach #1 again when re-released, as mentioned in the OP.

Did Bohemian Rapsody make it to #1 twice?

That’s a rerelease. Read the OP folx!

According to the site above it never made it to #1 once, let alone twice. That would’ve been similar to “The Twist” though. What I’d like to find is a song that went to #1, fell below say #5 or #10, then for some reason went back up to #1.

A Buddy Holly song maybe around the time that he died?