Billy Joe Macallister

Was there really a Billy Joe Macallister that jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge?


And what did he and that young girl throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge

The severed head of Bobby McGee.

Patterns, people, it’s all clear if you look at the patterns!

There ain’t no Cahulawassee River, neither, and iff’n there was, and I heard a banjo dueling with a GITT-tar, I’d be fast headin’ the other way.

The Tallahatchie bridge is real.

Billy Joe’s b-r-a-I-n-sssss.

14 1/2 years; is that the record?

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Wow. This thread is so old the user names don’t even show up for the original posters. If it’s not a record it’s definitely a contender.

This is probably CS material these days, but because of this thread’s extreme age I’m just going to close it. If anyone wants to talk about Billy Joe Macallister or the Tallahatchie Bridge, feel free to start a new thread in the appropriate forum (or maybe search for a more recent thread than this).

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