Billy Packer is a prick

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The following is from CNN:

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) – Two Duke students want a public apology from basketball announcer Billy Packer, accusing him of sexist remarks before a basketball game last weekend.

Students Jen Feinberg and Sarah Bradley said they were checking credentials at the band and media entrance to Cameron Indoor Stadium for the Feb. 26 men’s game between Duke and St. John’s.

Packer, one of the CBS announcers for the game, arrived at the entrance but Feinberg did not know who he was.

“So I asked to see his press pass, and he said, `You need to get a life. Since when do we let women control who gets into a men’s basketball game? Why don’t you go find a women’s game to let people into?’” Feinberg said.

“I was stunned. I couldn’t think of anything to say.”

The two students sent a letter overnight to CBS Sports president and Duke alumnus Sean McManus seeking the apology. The letter also was sent to the campus newspaper.

“Just because he’s some big-shot sports announcer and we’re a couple of female college students, it doesn’t make it OK for him to say things like that,” Feinberg said. McManus sent both students an e-mail Friday saying Packer would be calling them personally. Packer, a star guard at Wake Forest in the early 1960s, said Friday night he hasn’t called the two women.

“I have not talked to CBS about contacting them,” Packer said. “I have nothing to say about it. If those two girls have a problem with me, they should call me up. I’m easy to find, or they should’ve told me at the time.”

Packer said he “would not be able to remember what I said,” but he has never been questioned about entering Cameron in his 30 years covering games there.

Four years ago, Packer was criticized after referring to then-Georgetown guard Allen Iverson as a “tough little monkey.” Packer, who apologized on the air, later had a telephone conversation with the Rev. Jesse Jackson about the comment.

What a jackass. Not only is he a boring, rotten basketball commentator, but he’s a racist, sexist, pompous, condescending dickweed as well. Asswipe.

I’m guessing that that last paragraph wasn’t part of the story, right? Either that or CNN has changed significantly since the last time I saw it.

Yes, I should have been more clear. The last paragraph is my editorial commentary on the story and the useless sack of shit known as Billy Packer.

Woman: That’s it! You’re fired!

Duckman: Sure, babe. I’ll wait 'till I hear that from, you know… a MAN.

Duckman! Dude, yeah!

Mmm, sure…listen…
Do you think I could interest you in a pair of zircon-encrusted tweezers?

…and, oh yeah… Packer’s a prick!

Mmm, sure…listen…
Do you think I could interest you in a pair of zircon-encrusted tweezers?

You are calling Packer a prick because two stupid little twats got their little feelings hurt? You sound like a very impressionable, reactionary type that just uses your skull to store farts. Packer was justifiably insulted by those dumb bitches, but obviously they are RIGHT because they whined first and whined the loudest – dumb fucks like you that support dumb fucks like them make me fucking sick. You are too fucking stupid to realize how fucking stupid you are. You left out the rest of the article, in which the dumb little whiny douche bag hurls another insult at Packer, but you have your agenda, and you want it easily defended.

Boo hoo – go ahead and shoot your stupid little girly flame at me so I can cry myself to sleep.

Yes, darlin’ you sure are. Just ignore him, he’ll eventually get bored and go away.

FWIW, you do have a point to your rant.

Carry on.

Carpe Jugulum

KSO, I actually liked your response – how did it get yanked? My frustration was misdirected at you. My apologies.

In the Raleigh News & Observer, the story quoted the girl: “We’re lucky,” Feinberg said. “We have Vitale.”

If that doesn’t sound like she has a juvenile attitude… Based on a description of the scenario and the little girl’s statement, I don’t think that the little girl was an innocent by-stander who was trying her best to help ensure the vistors to Cameron were treated with the upmost respect. She sounds more like the typical, shitty, snot-nosed Duke brat who thinks since daddy kisses her butt raw, everyone else in the world obviously should, too. How dare anyone think that they are more important than her?

I just get so sick of people, who apparently need mental therapy, crying and trying to get attention and screaming, “world, look at me!!”, and people, such as the dumbasses in the press, reinforcing this sick behavior. The way everyone acts, it seems the popular attitude is: nothing is my fault; I don’t need to take responsiblity for any of my actions, unless someone thinks it’s “cute”; if anyone is hurt by my actions, they just need to get over it. I am NOT endorsing this whininess. It’s just shit like this that keeps the lawyers and therapists in Porsches.

Aenea, I’ve been around since this was on AOL. Eventually, if I wait around, a relative newby will come along and squirt an impotent flame at me. Do you even know what a troll is? (take this w/ a bit of humor, if possible. I’m still grumpy.)