Bin Laden is Commander in Chief?

From this site

I have found no further evidence for this. Checked the Russian Foreign Ministry site, the RIA Novosti site, and Pakistan’s The Nation magazine, to which the Foreign Ministry was responding. It seems like this would be more widely known and discussed if true. Anyone have any insight?

Checked the English Pravda site, and it has a link about the story. Actually, it has him as head of the Northern Front fighting for the Taliban against the warlords.

So Osama is working for the Taliban government. Well, well. If he was behind the WTC incident, then the Taliban is just as liable. This will be totally unpleasant.

Oh, oh. Unless The Nation put out this article to draw less heat from Pakistan, according to it, the idea behind the appointment is to make the Afghanistan mountains Terrorist Central. If this is true, then the Taliban’s days are numbered.