Bin Ladin to Bush:"Say 'Petroeuro' George. No, that was a car. .. 'U-Row'

To paraphrase Mr. Jimmy,

“If 'Sama says “no”,
The oil don’t flow”.

Take, (if you will) at face value the apologia of Osama: I had a hard on for the towers from jump street I’m fiending to cost you money (unspoken sub premise, sorry bout the peeps…)

Consider that he has made it his business to fuck up our economy, because he knows it is the source of the support we provide his immediate targets, the puppets of the hejaz.

Consider further that in an instance of uncommon candor (prompted perhaps by campaign debate flopsweat attack) Bush credited Bin L with picking his pocket for two or three points of GDP . Not bad for an outlay of half-a-million, 19 guys, and less than three thousand dead.

So while Bush bleeds 5 billion a month in Iraq, alienates *all and **sundry,and cripples his domestic fiscal underpinnings, we scratch our collective asses and wonder why there hasn’t been a heinous and wanton act of mass murder…

Its’ because none is needed or useful.

Why lose the moral high ground ?(yes, folks, he has it–we’ve killed five times as many CHILDREN in Afghanistan and Iraq as adults perished in the wtc…)

What will put the next spoke in Bush’s wheels is the repricing of oil in euros as opposed to dollars. The market is already itching for this, and there are arb plays popping up as a result of the inefficiencies implicit in petrodollar pricing.

(This is where his failure to work and play well with others is going to really bite
Hugo Chavez, eg, will happily take euros instead of dollars.))

So, the next attack will combine the already stated threat against saudi oil facilities, but with this twist. Prior to the hit, a communique from the Sama News Network (all Jihad, all the time–don’t look for naked weathergirls here)

Sama Says: Oil priced in Euros, good.
Oil priced in Dollars, bad.
Bad oil blows up.

The timing:some morning around 8 am nyc time (market opens…), after a night when the dollar has had a mini run against it in Europe and Asia. Probably around the time Bush shoves Social Security Privitazation and Tax Redistribution sideways up the collective flacid orifices usually used in Congress to blow smoke out of…

That said, instead of fighting the last war (Mass Murder! Bio Terror! Nihilistic Suicide Zombies Seeking Death for Death’s Sake!) Bush should zip up his fly, and, like any junkie with a shut off notice from the oil company, quit buying drugs so he can pay his heating bill.

Like they say in another context, Sama’s playing chess, George is playing checkers.
**Hugo Chavez

when come back, bring coherence.
:: penis ensues ::

That is the best reply I’ve ever seen here.

I’ll have what the gentleman on the floor is having.

So you’re saying the lack of another large scale terror attack since 9-11 is not because of the Patriot Act and the diligence of Homeland Security but because the first attack worked so well another hasn’t been needed? Interesting proposistion. Could be true. Heck, it is easier to believe than confiscating nail files has worked.

The oil re-pricing thing could happen, even without Osama’s influence. Won’t be pretty.

Naah, I’ve seen it before…

precisely. It established Al Q’s “bona fides”, as it were, so that for the rest of time they can rattle our cage, and get us bleeding money and flailing about–then, when the threatened attack doesn’t come, the chest thumpers are reinforced in their self destructive spending and alienating behavior, while the real thrust is being set up.

The ju-jitsu principle at work in the destabilization of great empires.

Remember the scene in Full Metal Jacket where the DI pauses to express satisfaction at legendary marine marksmen, including Lee Harvey Oswald?

Somewhere there’s a retired CIA chief of station who “mentored” 'Sama (when he was learning the art, practicing on the Soviet Union) who can be proud…

Coherence Delivery:

Bush is a dupe, and a victim of his own posturing. Bin Laden is not a character (caricature?) out of Bruce or Arnolds gallery of frothing islamic villains–He is not looking for high body count. The WTC was as close to a pinpoint laser guided bomb targeting economic damage as you could ask. Bin Laden was not trying for carnage–that’s why the hit was in AM(remember, also, the planes took off late–if on time, there would have been fewer people still) The people were in this case, trully colllateral damage, and not the strategic target. That is the misconception that has ;seized and deceived Bushco. Osama is not Idi Amin–he’s more like Lenin or Mao. That is, he will wade through blood if he needs to, but it’s not the object for him.

Nor is he nihilistic–his long term strategy is very consistent, and so far he’s doing too damn well for comfort. Largely cause our team manager is Billy Martin before AA.

Was it not Wordsworth who said “Coherence is the hobgoblin of small minds?”

no, wait. That was Coleridge…

Hmm. You sure you ain’t the guy who wrote Imperial Hubris? 'Cause you’re saying exactly what he does re Osama and his tactics.

not could–will.

Some Gibbon yet unborn will point to the last day they traded Oil in dollars as the beginning of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire.

laigle: have that on a t-shirt. Love to wear it; it’s a great line.


I do have a familial interest in the rise and fall of empires, though, and I like to think I can spot a ripe (or rotten…) fruit…

Scheur is a bright guy, who keeps his eyes open. One of the truly perplexing phenomena surrounding this whole Iraq insanity is the wide and vocal chorus of Cassandras from within the very belly of the beast; their entirely cogent, well-informed and almost prescient objections to the enterprise were treated like the babblings of an alzheimer’s ridden ex president.

Like their namesake, of course, they rightly prohesied disaster, and were ignored.

Personally, I think this is a much more likely scenario…

Damn–the old NuKuler option. I guess that trumps creating economic havoc for your long term, geopolitical hobby.

But that being the case, why the huge homeland security apparatus? For that matter, why limit the principle to Al Q.

I can see George whispering in Chirac’s ear next time he needs a vote at the council

“Hey, Jack. Nice tower you’ve got there in Paris–sure hope nothing happens to it…”