Binarydrone’s law

Any software program, in the hands of a marketing department for a sufficient length of time will become indistinguishable from Malware.

What do you think? I am trying to get some traction for this. I think it could really take off.

As someone who just moved from billable IT consulting work into marketing, I resemble that remark :wink:

Maybe if you wrote an app to install this quote on every computer that clicked on your post…

You work for Adobe don’t you?

Norton Internet Security is the most widely spread crippling malware I’ve ever encountered.

See Blank’s Law is - any hard disk will take 20 minutes to format. (a real format, not a quick one)

It was true for my 30 mb RLL Drive in 1986, it was true for the 1 Tb external drive I picked up 6 months back.

Ludovic’s law is: over time, the time it takes to boot up the average Personal Computer system will stay the same.

Sounds good to me. I’ll promote it should anything ever come up that makes it a relevant rule.

Rat’s Rule for finding good food in Japan:
Plastic food in the window, plastic food on the table.

Binarydrone, I think your law needs to be repealed.

…and word processors will become slower despite a lack of new features.

A Popular Unix editor is called EMACS. It was so feature rich at the time that jokes about implementing an Operating System in the editor were only nervously laughed.

One of the popular backronyms for it’s name was:


Back when most high end servers didn’t HAVE Eight Megs of RAM.

I was appalled when I wrote my first program on a RISC based system. RISC stood for ‘Reduced Instruction Set Computer’ meaning the processor new fewer commands, but it could perform them quicker. The compiler would pick up the slack, making the software do more complex things with fewer unique commands.

My first program on the VAX 4000 simply printed ‘hello world’ on the screen. That application would FILL a 320kb floppy (good thing they were being phased out with SSDD floppy (1.2 Mb) and 1.44 Mb 3.5" floppies.

Rat’s Rule of Economics
No economic theory will continue to explain the economy until the motive to exploit the theory is a factor of the theory itself.

Pede’s rule of debate:

If a debate goes past one page, it will get to at least six pages before it dies.

And a corallary:

As a debate thread grows, the likelehood of the debaters discussing the original issue approches 0.

Auto’s Law: While processing power may double every two years, people will always be assholes.