Bio Friendly Chainsaw Oil Subsitute (aka Wesson oil)?

Hi all.

Want to use a chainsaw in an area where I’d prefer not distribute regular chainsaw oil. Also, I have noted in the past that slathering the chain with oil on a regular basis (in addition to not getting it hot) as oppossed to just using the automatic oiling system keeps the chain sharper for much long.

So, I want to slather the chain with oil. But on the flip side I don’t want to be flinging a couple of quarts of barchain oil into this environment.

So, for a one off day, is a bunch of Wesson oil say going to be workable? Particularly if I make a point of using lots of oil and keeping the chain on the cool side?

Thanks for any input!

Usually the sawdust and chips absorbs all the oil that gets out, so you can just scoop that up to save the environment. But almost any oil will do, but not as good a job as the real stuff. Chain saw oil is designed to be a good lubricant under chain saw conditions, and stay on the bar and in the links long enough to do the job. I suppose if you use enough vegatable oil often enough you’ll be ok. Worst case you wreck the bar and chain, which comes flying off the saw and decapitates you. So no biggie.

Probably of interest:

This blog seems to indicate that vegetable oil has been tested in Canada and Europe and was found to work well. Not sure if it has cites for those claims.

Doesn’t vegetable oil tend to “varnish” and form a tacky residue when you let it sit on a surface? That would be my concern, although I guess you could clean up with a solvent back in your garage or whereever.

I’ve been getting away with using waste oil from my car for years. Can’t see vegetable oil being a problem.

Given that cutting will occur right over and sometimes IN water collecting the chips will be a bit of a problem.

As for the decapitation thing I would suspect that as long as nothing is getting particularly hot catastrophic failure is unlikely (at least short term). I’ve made a point of not letting my chains get hot (or even much more than warm for that matter) because it has seemed to help so much with keeping the chains sharp. Slows down the cutting but damn a sharp blade cuts sooo much better than a dull one its worth it.

Point taken about Halburton Oil vs Hippy Oil though.

Periodically soak the chain and bar in kerosene for any kind of oil used. Even coated in pine sap it will clean up overnight. Pros I know keep a barrel of kerosene and throw all their parts in every night.

Stihl makes a bio-friendly bar oil.

The point of chain saw oil is to lubricate the chain and the bar not keep the chain sharp. Vegetable oil is not viscous enough. You will experience premature ware on the chain and bar. It’s your saw but a good round file would be cheaper than a new bar and chain.

What about mineral oil? We use it on electric clippers when grooming cats/dogs to keep the blades cool. Vegetable oil goes rancid plus doesn’t work as well - it does get gooey.

i use a lanolin based lubricant on a bike chain, may not be viscous enough for a chainsaw though.

stihl bar oil