Bio-Medical Dopers--Book From Tuberculosis Hospital

i have a used, first edition Heinlein, that seems to have once been owned by a Tuberculosis hospital.
i am loath to destroy any book.

Safe to keep?
Yes/no, & your bio-background.

TB is spread via person-to-person contact, from inhalation of contaminated droplets. No way you’ll be at risk from an old book.


Treating patients who have LTBI and also patients with active TB disease.

Many thanks.

Any suggestions on how to remove an old Ex Libris bookplate?
It might be off-putting to an Amazon buyer.

You’d also be safe buying a book from an old leprosy hospital.

And it might have special cachet for a certain kind of Amazon buyer.

Burn it with fire?

Expertise in one area doesn’t automatically grant expertise in other areas. :smiley:

Many thanks to all.

Or, for that matter, an AIDS clinic.

If anything, it might add a bit to the value for its provenance.

“Is it safe to keep a book from a turberculosis hospital?”

It is not safe to keep a book from a turberculosis hospital. Hospitals are big and mean and they like to bully people. You might get you ass kicked if you defy them.

I would recommend avoiding books from the Sexual Addictions Treatment Center.