Biodynamic farming

Hello all. This isn’t my first post but it is my first thread. I’ve searched the archives for “biodynamic” and “bio-dynamic” and got zero hits so hopefully I’m not just repeating an old topic.

I was discussing Homeopathy with a friend recently (he’s a believer, I think it’s bunk). Somewhere along the line he brought up biodynamic food as an example of something which seems to make no sense scientifically, but does actually work.

He was banging on about wholesome food and it’s effects on precipitation of salt solutions. He reckoned that (IIRC) “…repeatable experiments have shown that if a fragment of food is used as a seed to precipitate out a crystal, the orderliness of the crystal corresponds to the wholesomeness of the food…”

Apparently, pure untreated milk will produce better crystals than warmed milk which in turn produces better crystals than microwaved milk.

Now this sounds like so much marsh gas but I had no information to use in the debate and he couldn’t provide any cites (surprise!) and skeptic news also drew a blank apart from some ramblings about Rudolf Steiner.

Not knowing anything myself about biodynamics and the theory thereof,I thought someone here would have a better idea. So far, based on my friend’s “evidence” and my BSc in Chemistry…I’d vote for bunk at the moment.

Well whenever I hear things such as ‘cosmic rhythms’ and ‘drawing life forces from the cosmos’ I tend to give a little giggle. It seems to me to just be organic farming with a touch of new age philosophy thrown into the mix. For a closer look go to the website
I wouldn’t say that they can back up much of the new age stuff (crystals etc.) with scientific knowledge but much of it is based on good organic farming practices.