Biological Component to SIDS Found

Problems with serotonin and the brain stem.

Let’s hope this leads to tests and treatments very soon.

Indeed, I’m glad my wee girl is at the age when she can easily lift her head and roll about now. When she could only just roll herself and not readily right herself I worried about her rolling in her sleep.

I would absolutely love it if this pans out. I would be so happy to be able to stop autopsying SIDS babies.

But I’ve unfortunately seen lots of We-got-SIDS-nailed research come and go. Usually it’s a small study that gives great hope but doesn’t pan out. The problem with doing research on SIDS is any real breakthrough will lead to a Nobel prize. There’s something about Nobel prize fever that makes it very hard for a researcher to think clearly.

I can’t evaluate this research from the nontechnical blurb given. I’ll be looking up the original article today and perusing it with great attention. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed. But I am no longer optimistic that simple studies will find one answer which allows us to beat SIDS.

If you check out the related video at this link, after the tiny commercial and then at around the 1:24 timestamp (drag the bar to skip ahead) it shows a couple of “brain images” from autopsied infants purporting to show the differences in serotonin activity. It’s been a while but it looks like PET imaging to me.