Biometrics vs. microchip implants

Many people have concerns about having microchips implanted inside them, even though it can lead to some handy things, such as your car reconszing you and opening the door, same with your house, it can be used like a credit or debit card, and ID you as you, so no PIN or signature is need. It can hold your medical info, and one use already, you can be identified when you enter a bar.

So what really does this have over advanced biometrics? It would seem like we can use computers to recognize people, and I’m sure there are ways for computers to positively ID you as you.

I think some people would prefer biometrics because they normally can’t be read without the person’s agreement.

If you have a chip in you, it can be read without your knowledge. Even my dog refuses one. He insists on an eye scan.

Biometrics can be ridiculously easy to spoof, and once a biometric system is broken, you have to replace the entire system(either that, or have your employees get new thumbprints).

Not that I agree that getting microchips implanted in your body is much of an improvement.

If somebody really wants that chip access, they can get it.

With a knife.

Go Biometrics! YAY!