Bionic Woman [no spoilers in OP]

I’ve just watched the pilot episode of The Bionic Woman (if you’ve got a Tivo, you can too). I’ve got to say, it’s not your Grandma’s Android Lady. I guess the best comparison I can come with is old vs new Battlestar Galactica. The cheesy seventies styling has gone black, very black. We’ve been given some good characters and some bad characters and quite a few you seem like they might be flip-floppers. The effects are decent, there’s just a dash of humour to lighten up the proceedings.

It’s a promising start, so I’ll let Tivo pick it up for me, at least.

I’ll have to take a look.

Er, if I can figure out how. How?

Are you talking about the internet-leaked pilot? I though the show wasn’t slated to air until Sept. 26.

Oooo, I can’t wait! I was telling my son, 8, tonight about how when I was about his age, the Bionic Woman was my favorite show, and I’d get to stay up an hour later than normal to watch it, and the Bionic Woman was that lady that sells mattresses now, you know, what is it- the sleep number?- but she was young then, and it’s going to be so great when we (my son and I) watch it together, and SQUEE!!

His reaction? :dubious:

I’m sure it’ll be no Alias (come back on TV, Jennifer Garner!), but I’m still looking forward to it.

Sounds like he or she is talking about something that Tivo provides. I don’t have Tivo, but my generic Dish Network DVR (Ti-Faux?) automatically received the pilot episodes of “Chuck” and “Journeyman,” so I’ll be checking those out. :slight_smile:

If your Tivo has the Amazon Unbox installed, you can download a perfectly legal, commercial free, episode.

If you have your Tivo hooked up to a broadband connection they put special things at the bottom of the main menu on your Tivo from time to time. Usually advertisements, but yesterday I noticed something that said “Download NBC Pilots for Free” or something like that. You have to enter your login info and then you get a list of shows you can download. Pretty cool if you have broadband, Tivo, and an account.

Bwuh? Where do you find these? In the normal DVR section, or in “Movies and More” or what? I am very interested in Chuck (and I hope it don’t suck…)

Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since they both have the same Executive Producer.

I’m not in front of it at the moment, but it’s one of the options that pop up when I hit the DVR button the first time. It’s not “My Recordings” or the movies option. Whatever is third I think.

Pilots for Bionic Woman / Life / Chuck can all be watched in HD on comcase on demand (in SFBAY Area) at least.

Check your own on demand to see if you can too

Well then, at least the first season should be good.

Do they use the old bionic sound effects?

Does the new Bionic Woman have smog devices? I can’t even imagine the exhaust fumes from the 1970’s version.

Huh. I just noticed that last night… maybe I’ll check it out.

I wonder if they will use some of the old plot / adventure devices from the 70s such as:

Getting stuck in quicksand
Sasquach / Bigfoot
Fighting robots
Shark attack
Bionic K9

One can only hope that Helen Hunt will make a guest appearance as a princess with psychic powers from a parrallel dimension Earth on the run from the evil despotic forces who have taken control of her world! :smiley:

I downloaded the pilot from Amazon, watched it last night. Interesting; good production values, but it’s a shame the lead actress isn’t so good at. . . well, acting.

I’m really starting to hate the fictional version of the U.S. Government you see in shows like this one and (with a lighter touch) “Eureka”: a government that has possession of incredibly (maybe impossibly) advanced technology that could save countless lives, heal people who can’t be healed otherwise, or even solve problems that threaten our very civilization, yet for vague reasons of “security” they keep it all under wraps.

Ugh. Therein lays my big fear. Michelle Ryan was on EastEnders (a British soap) for several years (I even want to say from 1999-2005 with some breaks in there), and was one of my least favorite actresses to grace the screen - but unfortunately, her character was the daughter of my favorite actress/character, so I watched her anyway. My husband and I have both been wondering how in the world she managed to snag a lead role in a high-profile US show because she was so terrible on EE.

I want to like this show because I need a decent sci-fi show now that Stargate’s gone off the air, but she’s going to be my biggest hurdle.

I watched it last night as well. Sort of a cross between Dark Angel and Buffy I’d say. We’ve sort of been there before, but it’s interesting enough that I’ll watch it. The version downloaded to my Tivo from Amazon Unbox was very good quality, widescreen and looked HD. Of course it took about 24 hours on my crappy Internet connection. But the Tivo is running 24/7 anyway.

I see from IMDB that she played Zoe- whose daughter was Zoe?