Biopic of Clara Bow in the works

She was the original It Girl.

I wonder if Eve is involved?

Hot-cha and 23-skiddoo. I would watch the SHIT out of this. It would be the cat’s pajamas.

I’ll bet it’ll be a good watch. If Eve wasn’t called in the consult it’s their loss.

The old series “Hollywood” had a great section about Bow. The silent clips were sexy and funny. She knew how to capture the camera. But when sound showed up her broad Brooklyn accent did her in.

I always hear this phrase used to describe her. Were there other “It Girls”? What is an “It Girl” anyway? :confused:

“It” was a euphemistic way of saying “Sex Appeal”. The Girl with It.

Maybe they’ll get the USC football team to re-enact one of her famous ‘scenes’.

Per the link


And then it apparently became a short hand for sex appeal.

That would be an awful lot of Trojans!

That story is so long overdue. I wonder who’s gonna play her.

Who will play John Wayne/Marion Morrison?

In 1920s Germany, they weren’t quite so shy.

“It, hell. She had those.”

Dorothy Parker, of course. But not about Clara Bow. The line appeared in her review of the novel It by Elinor Glyn. The novel gave rise to the term. Clara Bow just starred in the movie made from the book.

Bow’s life is fascinating. Though probably less fascinating than Elinor Glyn’s. But she was in her 60s when the novel appeared. And who wants to see that?

That choice will probably make or break the film. She has a certain … image in the mind’s eyes of those who know about her.

Well, she made 11 talkies, and in the one I fund she doesn’t sound especially Brooklyn (her dialogue starts around 2:20). The source I found says she retired when she got married in 1933, four years after her first talkie (The Wild Party 1929 to Hoop-La 1933). Her decline in popularity possibly had more to do with personal problems than her accent. Later, she spent a lot of time in mental institutions.

Jennifer Lawrence?

Not to be confused with her relative Cousin It.

Anyway, as long as Whoopi is in the lead role - I’m in.

Wow, I got all excited when I saw Clarra Bow. It turns out I didn’t know who that was, and I was thinking of game character named Laura Bow from a 1992 game I used to play called The Dagger of Amon Ra. And now I find out that Laura Bow is a nod to the actual Clarra Bow.

No, Laura Bow is a bow to the actual Clara Bow.

Yep, I figured that out.