Bird crashed in my backyard in the snow; possibly injured!

We’re in the midst of a potentially epic snowstorm here in the Pacific Northwest. A few minbit. utes ago, a beautiful yellow-breasted bird crash-dived into the backyard with a big thump. She laid on the snow for about 5 minutes, wings splayed out to the sides, moving her head just a little. Now she’s standing, not really moving.

Is there anything I can do to help her? She’s kind of a sitting duck for predators in the backyard. in the snow. Should I put a cardboard box out there with a towel and some bird seed?

I wouldn’t put her in a box. Predators see that and go “Ooooh, takeout!”

Can you get it off the ground, in a bush or the crook of a tree?

Your local DNR website ought to have a listing for wildlife rehabbers.

I’m tempted to say let nature take its course and a predator have a meal…chances are she was already sick or injured and you’re witnessing the natural order of things. But if she’s simply stunned, she may recover in a box inside your home or garage.

Have you tried a PM to Colibri?

Update! I put out a box with some torn-up towels and bird seed near her. She flew away to a nearby fence, where she sat for a long time. This morning, she’s gone.

I’m leaving the box out in case any tiny thing is super cold and hungry. This storm is icy!