Bird fans -- cool website

I was looking for info about catbirds (for the second year, I’ve got a pair nesting in my yard, and I think they’re really cool), and found this site. Lots of cool info – you can listen to clips of their songs, etc.


Ah, yes, catbirds.

To answer your question, 47.

Mangetout – your link didn’t work for me.

I noticed that too; it does work if you click refresh/reload.

So it does! :smiley:

Answering questions which have yet to be asked! What won’t you crazy people dream up next.

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Say what? Er, how does it come to pass that?

Noticing an absence of Charlie Parker… :exits: (but not before bookmarking site–it is cool, twickster)

:eek: This is what I’m more shocked about!

Must have been having a un-Jeopardy! moment. I actually meant to start off with “Have you ever wondered where you might find a really cool website with lots of bird info?” :wink:

Sorry, samclem – since it was, yanno, factual, I figured GQ was the right place to put it.

The Cornell site is very nice. (Nice catbird, Mangetout, heh.)

Another good source of bird info, including data from surveys, is the Patuxent Bird Population Studies, home of the Patuxent Bird Quiz.

Also, The Birds of Stanford includes essays from The Birder’s Handbook by Paul Ehrlich, David Dobkin, and Darryl Wheye.