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How many calories are in a cup of birdseed?

Depends what type of birdseed. If there are a lot of sunflower or sesame seeds there will be a lot more calories than if it’s mostly millet and sorghum.

Also, are you cooking or processing the seed, or eating it as-is? May not affect the measured values, but will impact how much of that is available to the human digestive system.

Are we even talking about human consumption, BTW?

Mostly millet and lots of other ground up or tiny seeds. Eaten right out of the package by a human…don’t ask! : )

This is the product in question.

Is this a “Need-To-Know-Quick” question?

Quick google search of “one cup sunflower seed calories” turns up this, showing 269 calories/cup. Assuming what Blake said is true, that would make 300’ish calories the max you’re looking at.

“Don’t ask”? You surely don’t think you’re going to get away with that, do you? C’mon, spill the beans, um, birdseed. How did this human end up eating a cup of birdseed straight out of the package?

By the way, one cup of raw millet contains about 756 calories (eek!), but on the bright side it’s rich in magnesium and potassium.

For the majority of my life (like, right up until last week), it never occurred to me that humans would even think of eating birdseed, packaged as such. Then I finally saw On The Waterfront for the first time last weekend (yes, I know…I’m late) and Marlon Brando as Terry pops in a mouthful while he’s feeding his pigeons on the roof. I had a cognitive dissonance moment…