Birmingham Evacuated.

Let’s hope it’s just a false alarm.


I recall a quote about kings and priests, but really, that is not how I feel about the current royals. Instead, I hope this is just a false alarm.

This makes no sense and is not connected to the link.

I hope so much that this isn’t more of the same.

Perhaps he’s unclear on the difference between Birmingham and Buckingham? :slight_smile:

False alarm:

It’s good that it was a false alarm, but you may as well get used to a little bit of flinchiness and paranoia.

After 9/11, there were endless rumors that arabs were staying in a hotel near and asking questions about our local nuclear power plant, and I live in the boonies of northern michigan. :confused:

Again, I’m really glad that it was a falsie.

So happy it was a false alarm. I’m surprised there haven’t been more of them.

That sounds like a reasonable speculation. Should any of us enlighten him?

Why bother? He’ll just insist that you’re wrong, and then tell you that you lose.

I thing Lobsang meant to write Buckingham but wrote Birmingham due to a slip of the keyboard. I mean, how could he not know which is which? He’s British.

Except…it WAS Birmingham that was evacuated. Not Buckingham.

By “he,” I meant Scott Plaid. It was Birmingham that had the false alarm, but Scott Plaid started going on about the royals. This Year’s Model and Uvula Donor were also referring to Scott Plaid, not Lobsang. I should have quoted him (Scott Plaid) intially - sorry to cause confusion.

Hmmm. If Scott Plaid does vanity searches, I’m pretty sure he’ll see this!

Cripes! You know, I completely panicked when I saw that thread title.

starts to breathe again

You mean you didn’t already know something was amiss?

Sorry if I really did make you panic. I probably should have added ‘city center’ to the title. But at the time I thought it was pretty dramatic to evacuate a whole center of a city. The BBC link wasn’t very specific if I remember (the linked article has now changed) the provided by Muffin plays it down to only a few streets being affected, and the suspect packages being false alarms.

No. I’m in India at the moment on an observing run. The first I knew was when I saw the thread title. And since the internet connection here, whilst fairly reliable, is rather slow, I had a heart stopping few minutes.

I thought it was in relation to Birmingham, Alabama, what with hurricane Denis bearing down on (possibly) Mobile, and all.

Yup, bastards ruined my night out by closing off the city centre.

When I say ruin, I mean I had to go home at 2am. :smiley:

It also meant that someone, I don’t know who, the phone said number withheld, woke me up at 5am IST, to check if I was OK, as they didn’t know I was out of the country.

Well it wasn’t me, Angua… But when I saw the thread title, I immdiately thought of you. I’m glad you’re in India. And I’m glad it was a false alarm.