Birth Control Problems

I took the damn thyroid test. They did two thingy’s of blood cause he wanted to do other tests too while they were doing it. I chose to go with doctor and his assistant, because I trust them. I’ve had some nasty experiences with labs, and some good ones. But mostly nasty. See, I’m not just a little antsy about needles. I’m truly phobic. As in, even with someone I trust who did it painlessly, AND Nick there to talk with, AND having not slept at all last night (I do this so I have less energy to freak out, it’s odd but it does keep the trauma down a little), AND my ability to ‘deaden’ the particular part of my body as far as my mind is concerned, I was still panicked while doing it and curled up in a tiny ball in tears for half an hour after - and spent the rest of the day walking around with my arm bent up and my hand tucked into my brastrap as if I were crippled. It’s going to be impossible for me to look at or touch the inside of my elbow for a few days. My midwife, who I adore and who likes me immensely, swears that she will never ever ever stick me again unless someone holds a gun to her head or I’m dying. I can tell people, but they never realize just how bad it is until they see it happen. To be perfectly honest, it took until someone here mentioned that thyroid problems can get so bad as to cause hallucinations and Really Bad Things before I could be truly convinced I should take it even now. But I did it. Doctor will call on Monday or Tuesday to let me know about the thyroid and the other stuff he tested for.

I refilled the pill prescription today and will be starting the second month in one week (going into the sugar pill week this week). I hope it settles down, I’d hate to feel this way the whole time until we could know it wouldn’t. He also gave me a new prescription for my inhaler (I lost the old one, and have exercise-induced asthma), as well as claritin - I have allergies but benadryl knocks me for a loop like you wouldn’t believe (ok, maybe you would :slight_smile: ).

Nick picked up some vitamin B for me, but kinda forgot to read the label :confused: - it has wheat bran in it. sigh I hope all B vitamins don’t contain wheat, or we’re gonna have problems finding one I can take.

Baglady: I think I had mentioned vasectomy as an option for the future, but not outright :wink:

I am pushing for adoption of our third (we want a girl at some point), for now anyway. Keep in mind I’m 7 months after birth, so that could change, though since there are other reasons it might not. Nicholas and I have already talked about it (HE brought it up - I love that man), and when we decide for sure that we will never have children again he will have a vasectomy. For now, however, we’re looking for something slightly less permanent.

Also, my cramps are bad enough, I don’t need em worse :confused: For most of my school years I stayed home three days out of every month for the worst part of it, unable to walk or think much even WITH otc painkillers. It’s gotten somewhat better since I had the kids, but I’m still constantly mildly anemic, and it still hurts like heck. :slight_smile:
Not to mention the paranoia I have about that… it wouldn’t be as bad as a needle, but I just couldn’t handle it.

Shirley: actually, that was one of my concerns. My cycle can vary by as much as five days, which is a pretty big variance. I’d be really nervous about that - and besides, two weeks with nothing? Feh, if I’m going to use condoms half the time anyway, I might as well use em alla time. :slight_smile:

Ellen: you mentioned that many who use that method actually don’t mind being surprised, they knew they were taking a chance anyway. That’s enough for me not to use it. I generally know exactly what I want, and if I’m going to use a birth control method, it’s cause I do NOT want kids at this time. :slight_smile: Thanks though.

So I guess I’ll find out on Monday or Tuesday whether I have thyroid problems. I’m almost kinda hoping that IS what it is. It will mean no more tests, and it will mean it’s relatively easy to fix. If it’s not that, I dunno where we’ll start - have to go back and see Doctor again I guess.