Birthday party. Clown. Sheer terror.

Click here. Or the clown will eat you.

I took my twin grand daughters to a circus when they were 5 years old. All was fine till Samantha saw a bunch of clowns come out to entertain the audience. She got this look of terror on her face and she really wanted to go. One of the clowns came by and made Alicia a balloon animal. The clown then asked Samantha what her favorite animal was but she wouldn’t answer, she had her head buried in my jacket. I told the clown about Samantha being afraid of clowns, this clown said he had the perfect thing for her. He left and returned a few minutes later with a woman that was a makeup artist for the circus. She talked to both twins and explained to Samantha that clowns were fun and were nothing to be afraid of. She put clown faces on both of the girls then the balloon clown took them to the middle of the ring with the other clowns and introduced them as the newest members of the circus. Each of the girls was given a couple of clown props and were part of a skit. After that Samantha had a smile on her face that no one was going to ever take away from her. I found out later that she was allowed to watch a scary movie that had a clown as the bad guy and she thought they were all that way.

SHE LIED! Clowns are scary.


I want to click the link, but I’m honestly too scared.

What BiblioCat said. :slight_smile:

But, seriously, racer72, that’s a very cool story.

It wasn’t was it?

Maybe it was this one. Because we all float down here.


sigh This again … clowns are not that scary and they don’t eat people … much.
clicks link HOLY MOTHER OF OG! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!? That’s not a clown, that’s some kind of mutant cross between a clown and a chupacabra. Yikes!

Hey, I’ve got no problem with clowns. They don’t firghten me one bit.

But the thing in that picture is downright SCARY!

Ever since someone pointed me to this website* I’ve been scared to look at clowns on the internet.

And that picture in the OP - it’s more evidence for the “don’t look” school! :eek:

*The website linked is, I believe, SFW, but I won’t vouch for any of the links on that page.

Clowns are pure fucking evil. That picture confirms it. Dear sweet God, I think I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Can’t sleep: Clowns will eat me! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Another vote for scary.

In fact I’m so scared of clowns I won’t even open the link but I usually open spider links when they are linked out of curiosty and spiders are one of my worst fears.

John Wayne Gacy was a clown for a while. We know how that turned out.

I was talking about my fear of clowns with a friend and he said, think about it, how much do you think a person could get away with dressed as a clown.


That is what makes clowns evil.

But this guy is cuddly and adorable!

No wonder that kid was crying.

A recent issue of “Fortean Times” has an evil-looking clown on the cover, and has a muti-page article on clowns, coulrophobia (fear of clowns), and folklore about clowns. Fascinating reading!

Um, I clicked the image and it came up blocked as “pornography”. What kind of clown is this, anyhow?

DAMN you.