Bishops said to deny Sen. Kerry communion?

The front page of has an article today that says “Some bishops, perhaps ambitious for Vatican approval, have announced that they will deny the sacraments to Kerry because of his attitudes on abortion and civil unions for gays.”

Two questions:

  1. Is this true?
  2. Is this an allowed reason for denying communion?

As if that isn’t disturbing enough…

So the Catholic Bishops’ conference (a tax-exempt entity) is allowed to dump its pro-Kerry employee over a religious litmus test.

Interesting article.

Do you, or anybody, know of bishops that have said what the article says they have …uh… said. Sorry, bad sentence…need coffee…

Guess this means Kerry can watch football on Sundays, since he’s already on the outs. :smiley:

Is the fact the he’s a divorcee enough for them to disallow communion too?


FAQ on communion denial. I have no idea as to the reliability of the source but it looks correct from what I know.

Wisconsin bishop is doing the same thing here.

An article from last year from some Catholics steaming over Kerry and Kennedy’s being allowed to take communion.

Other sources all have the same quote in common, regarding the legailty of denying communion under canon law: “the Archbishop can deny Communion to anyone he wants.”