Bishops with silly names

Cardinal Sin has just recently died, and this reminded me of a pet theory that Bishops are Clergy have a tendancy towards silly names. Please add to the list of real religious people with silly names

Cardinal Sin,
Cardinal Law,
Bishop Tutu,
Bishop Spong,
Bishop Righter

They don’t have to be bishops, do they?

When I was a girl, our family attended a church with three priests:
Monsignor Dinkel,
Father Gross, and
Father Heiney…

Some Bishops do have silly names don’t they. Why in my town we have:

Bishop Dry Cleaners

Bishop Floor Care

Bishop Carpet
Silly silly names for religious folk.

Emminence Front.

Actually, our pastor’s name is Temple Chapel.

Then there was Father Dick.

And Don’t forget Bishop Don “Magic” Juan … “Green is for the money Gold is for the honeys!” :smiley:

Stranger too how they all started buisnesses in the town of Bishop which they named after themselves.