BitTorrent: Merging incomplete files.

I’ve been torrenting a rather large file lately: 24 video files that are collectively 8.19 gigs large. I started on my home computer, and got 6% of the way done, but then had to go to another house for a while to housesit, and there got 40% of the way done, and completely downloaded a few episodes. I use uTorrent both times. My question is, can I use uTorrent or any other client to take the files I downloaded elsewhere and merge them with the files I downloaded here at home, now that I am no longer housesitting. This would make the rest of the download about 5 days quicker at my current download speed, and possibly much more quicker than that, since I cannot leave my computer on 24/7 here. Simply replacing the 6% done files with the 40% done files does not work, uTorrent doesn’t detect the fact that the new files are done and don’t just have 0’s written to them (since uTorrent automatically makes empty files of the correct size on the harddrive). Is there any way I can merge the 2 sets of files to make at least a 41 or 42% done set (since some blocks were probably downloaded by both) or to even just put the 40% files on my home computer and continue the download where I left off at the other house? Google reveals nothing but a bunch of people laughing at someone else for asking a similar question in another forum, and I don’t have the coding skills to write a program to do this myself.

  • Adrian

I doubt it’s possible to “merge” files, but you can certainly tell the program to not download specific files in the torrent, such as the ones already finished. Bittornado can do this, and I’m sure others can too. It may create the files, but they should stay at 0 kb.

Azureus can continue the files from where you left off. Move your 40% complete files to home. Then install and set up Azureus. Find the original .torrent files on your home machine or find them again online and open them in Azureus. When it asks where to save the file to (such as LargeMovieFile.avi), point it to the folder where your 40% complete file is located.

Azureus will first check completeness of the file, and finish the download based on that.

Unless your 6% download has any complete files, I would just scrap it. If it does then you can use Azureus to do what** thelurkinghorror ** suggested and tell the 40% complete download not to get what you have already completed.


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