Bizarre Vending Machines

In the movie theater at a local mall, I once saw a vending machine that solt T-shirts that were somehow compressed into a can no bigger than a soda can.

Outside a convenience store, I saw a modified soda machine which sold live bait(yes, live bait).

Has anyone else seen any reallyunusual vending machines?

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In the last couple of years I’ve started to see vending machines in airports that sell fresh flower bouquets.

Kind of cool.


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There are vending machines that sell panties.
Really, they sell panties. T
hey are arranged like the candy/chips kind, you know the kind where everything is in rows in corkscrews and when you but it the corkscrew turns and your goodie falls to the bottom? Like that.
Anyway, the even have different price categories:
clean ones being cheap and dirty ones being expensive.
You can even buy 'em with skid marks.
They come with a little note that says what the chic was (supposedly) doing whilst wearing them.
I think the “Aerobics class” was the most expensive.
I shit you not.

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I’ve seen the live bait vending machine.
Definately strange.

I’ll buy that for a dollar.

I saw a vending machine the other day that dispenses ‘cases’ of beer. There is the porno vending machines, but I don’t think they are wierd anymore-- unless, maybe, if you put them next to the live bait machines.

There are not enough ice cream vending machines in the world. Or at least the Midwest.

In a Paris subway I saw a vending machine that sold Levi’s 501 Jeans. I don’t know if you were expected to put in your measurements, or if they measured the customer with lasers, or what?

In Japan, I saw vending machines that sold 5, 10, 20, and 50-kilo bags of rice.

At a hotel in Springfield, IL, I saw a vending machine that had a little bit of everything-- shampoo & toiletries, tampax, chips & snacks, and even paperback books.

Just about every convenience store in rural areas of southeastern Missouri has live bait in vending machines.

In the airport in Boise, Idaho there is a vending machine that sells fresh-made french fries. I still regret not getting some.

I believe it about the panties. During the Olympics in Japan the commentators on TV showed some of the sights, one of which was vending machines on the street corners. Very large machines carrying a bizarre mixture of goods, various strange foods, no doubt panties, and beer. Beer in different size bottles. Can you imagine such a thing on an American street corner??? The mind reels!

My cousin was an exchange student in Japan, he told me they had beer in vending machines just about everywhere… needless to say… the exchange students were really pleased.

The Student Union here at school has a vending machine stocked by the local used CD store. They’ve got random CDs in there for you to buy, like you’re choosing your candy bar. I always thought that was the weirdest vending machine, but panties? My example pales in comparison