Black and white 2 Land 8. No enemy or neutral people left... what now???

I am on Land 8 and towards the end I accepted two huge migrations which reduced the enemy soldier/civilian count to 0/0

Now I’m still on the level and nothing’s happening. Haven’t I won the level?

I have searched the internet for a walkthru and every site links to one walkthrough by some dude called ‘Grawl’.

His walkthrough for land 8 is… “Coming soon”

Do you have 1k pop or over? I recall that being an objective. Also did you get the 200k tribute for “winning the land”? Also look for any gold scrolls… just in case.

I have nearly 2k pop. Can’t see any scrolls at all.

I just created a small platoon to capture all the EMPTY towns. To see if that helps… but I’ve been playing good. Capturing by impressivness. Doesn’t seem to work on this level though.

Actually I’m on land 7… well it’s the second to last of the visible lands so the last one must be a special one.