Black Boar vs. Pit Bull

from this thread.

I dunno if this has a factual answer or not, so I’m posting it to this section.

Which animal would survive a fight to death most often?

Boar. Every time.

According to the thread, the dogs won.

I love fight threads. I’m going to have to go with the Pit because of the teeth and the lock jaw.

The Boar is gonna win this unless there are a considerable number of dogs in the pack, and they are hungry. In the south they use dogs to hunt boar but they are more for tracking & cornering the animal than for attacking it. Sure they might nip at the hogs backside, but that is usually just to draw the boars attention away from other dogs/the hunter. An average boar weighs as much as or more than a full grown man, have two razor sharp tusks that are between 2 - 5 inches long, and males have a “shield” of fat and cartilidge that runs from their necks down their flank to their mid-section that is as hard as a board and covered with a tough leather. The shield is for protection from other males during mating season. Cite: My dad and I went on a wild hog hunt in western North Carolina two years back and I have seen and felt all of the above. The guides also said that if a boar charges you, don’t try to shoot it, or run from it, just make sure there is a tree nearby that you can climb quickly. One of the guides favorite dogs have been gored a few weeks before we got there and the dog had stitches running 3/4 of the length of the dogs body. The dog was retired now and was basically a pet, but it would have assuredly died if not for the guides care.

Well, I think someone has grossly underestimated the danger a wild boar, particularly a hog, can pose, even the humble domestic pig can be a very dangerous animal, well able to look after itself in a scrap.

They weigh in up to 350lbs, if you try use a shotgun on one, you may annoy it, to be certain of actually penetrating the hide you’d need a high velocity weapon, preferably semi auto, you really would not want single shot bolt action, unless you were a good way off.

Boar hunting was once the preserve of the Aristocracy in the UK, and they took plenty of precautions, like riding horses and using lances to kill them.

Look at it this way, there are otter hounds, there are deerhounds, even dogs bred for bear and bull baiting, but in all those centruies of dog breeding, there isn’t a breed specific to bringing down boar that I know of, which say it all.

The pit bull is dead meat.