Black Holes: A couple videos that really help us laymen undestand what happens around one

I know many here do not like watching YouTube videos. But, these two videos (I think) are well worth a watch if you are interested in what happens around/in a black hole. What happens if you fall in one and in the second how they lead to (maybe) parallel universes (really cool). The videos make what is happening around these understandable in a way I have not seen before. Maybe too simplistic for the physicists here but good for the rest of us.

Both of these channels are respected science education channels. That does not mean they get everything correct but they try. Doubtless our resident physicists may have nits to pick and that’s great too. Block holes are interesting (to me anyway) so thought this was worth sharing.

PBS Spacetime (falling in a black hole - 17 minutes):

Veritasium (geometry of spacetime and, maybe, alternate universes - 37 minutes)


I like black holes too.

Also, both of these videos were published very recently and, since they came so close together, I thought it was worth a post.

And yeah, that AI generated thumbnail pic for the second video was not well chosen but the video is very interesting.