Black lights.....UV danger ?

Hi all,
Due to a bad mosquito problem (I live in the Philippines) I have a bug zapper inside my house. It seems to do a good job of killing the mosquitoes, despite my reading elsewhere that they may not attract mosquitoes. I see dozens of dead ones in it every day. It appears to have a flourescent black light.
Anyway, a buddy of mine tells that it is emitting unhealthy UV rays, and that I should get rid of it.
So, what is the straight dope, should I keep it or get rid of it?
Also, what about regular flourescent lights, you never see incandescent lights here, only flourescents. Are they possibly making me sick also ??


Also, I am not sick, it is just my buddy that says flourescents will make me sick.

I asked Cecil about the possible dangers of black lights once but I don’t think it’s been a column yet. Maybe someone will get to it now that there’s two of us asking. :slight_smile:

Cecil has covered fluorescent lights though.

It’s long-wave UV, which is not harmful.

Long term exposure to “long-wave” lights can give you headaches, but its more of an eyestrain problem than health effect. Other types of UV lights can be detrimental to your health, but are not commercially available (they’re used for biological sterilization, mostly.)