Black Panther is first Black Superhero Film By Black Director with Predominantly Black Cast, truth?


Oh my. I can’t believe I respect that.

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-The issue with Storm is that she wan’t created to be African, or African-American, or a mutant, or an X-Man. When artist Dave Cockrum jumped from DC to Marvel, he brought characters that he had created for a rejected proposal of a Legion of Super-Heroes spinoff book with him to X-Men. Nightcrawler made the jump pretty much as is. Storm was a composite of three of the characters Cockrum had developed for that back. Like almost all LSH characters, they were aliens, which accounted for unusual elements of Storm’s design, such as her hair and eyes.


Superheroes are generally not gods. That’s usually reserved for villains. Even Thor admits somewhere along the line (in the MCU anyway) that he’s not actually a god, just really, really powerful. Hancock & the other one were pretty much immortal gods, so long as they stayed away from each other.

Finally saw Black Panther and I was checking out the threads on the movie when I saw this.

I’ve been doing research on black superheroes. All-Negro Comics has a superhero called Lion Man, who is considered to be the first black superhero. He isn’t, and I’ve got a big article on that I’m working on, but I need to correct the slur on All-Negro Comics.

That was the exact opposite of an exploitation comic. First off, get rid of the notion that it came from Marvel (or Timely or Atlas or whatever corporate identity they were using in 1947) or from any big comics company. A group of black creators led by Orrin C. Evans pooled their money to create a company specifically to launch a comic book written and drawn by blacks about black heroes (and black villains). It was intended to get black comics to an audience beyond the many strips run in the black newspapers of the day. It failed for many reasons, but exploitation was definitely not one of them.

I realize this is just a nitpick, but as soon as I saw it I felt it had to be corrected. Sorry, Dr. Hackenbush, my brother-in-Marx. I’d give you a chance to rebut but you were only on the Dope for five days and are long gone.

STEEL was obliquely mentioned upthread. There’s also Invisible Boy from MYSTERY MEN (Kel Mitchell; the movie was based on a comic book, but I think Kel’s character was invented for the film). Has SPAWN been mentioned?

And I’m not entirely sure what the difference between a superhero and an action hero is. PASSENGER 57, THE MIGHTY QUINN (both Quinn and Maubee) and I’M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA are relevant to the discussion. So is THE LAST DRAGON. No comic book tie-in and varying degrees of costume.