Black Panther movie (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

New trailer:

Looks like a blast to me, though I am an MCU fan. Great fall and winter for superhero and sci-fi fans -- Blade Runner 2049 this month, Thor 3 next month, Star Wars 8 in December, and Black Panther in Feb (US dates).

I like what they appear to be doing with Black Panther. More of a serious movie, less of a farce, like the new Thor. And I love the actor they got for Black Panther. He was my fav from the Civil War movie.

I saw a trailer Saturday and it got me a little hyped. I’m glad the story appears to be taking place in Wakanda even though it prevents me from ranting about the character. Martin Freeman and Michael B. Jordan look to be perfectly cast as Everett Ross and Killmonger.

It’s officially on my list as a must see in theater.

I saw Chadwick Boseman in Marshall this weekend, he’s an excellent actor and the movie was surprisingly good, I am not a fan of the Hudlin brothers but they did a good job with Marshall.

I like the bits about the movie itself, but the rap they’re using as a backing track for it was really distracting. I hope that the studio didn’t just think “well, it’s about a black guy, so we’ve got to use rap”.

I think in general, for a trailer, you either need to have dialog from the movie, or music with lyrics, but not both. There were too many spots where the words of the rap were intruding on the dialog.

I was in comics nerd mode, too busy looking for easter eggs to notice the audio. With Everett K. Ross and the Dora Milaje it looks like they’re leaning on the well respected Priest run, and not the abominable Hudlin crapfest where T’challa had to marry Storm because those were the only two black comics characters who he was aware of.

No, I’m not still bitter. Why would you think that? :frowning:


My thoughts exactly! Black Panther isn’t African-American, he’s African, period.

It made me think of one of my least-favorite James Bond movies, Live and Let Die*. It was like they shoehorned everything they could think of as “black” into the movie (Voodoo (though the voodoo priestess must be white, because she’ll be Bond’s love interest)! New Orleans Jazz! Soul Food! and for some reason, Harlem in New York!). I did like the look of the trailer overall, but I really hope the movie doesn’t really have a hip-hop soundtrack.

*(If all these elements came from the original Fleming book rather than the movie, then I shift the target of blame, but not the fact of it)

The trailer was very “meh” to me. Flashy, sure, but it doesn’t tell you much about it beyond action and talk about destiny and honor. So serious. And do we really need more jumping on cars scenes? Marvel movies are of course like Lay’s for me, so I will definitely watch this at some point. I’m just not as excited as for Thor 3. Those trailers had the perfect mix of plot and humor, hopefully without giving too much of either away.

Michael B. Jordan’s American accent is intentional, yes? As he was raised in exile.

With Gil Scott-Heron samples.

I feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life for this movie. This will be the first movie I seen on opening weekend in nearly twenty years.

I respectfully disagree.

Look up: blaxploitation

I loved the teaser that we got a few months ago. But I don’t like this trailer much. It just felt like everything we’ve seen before in other MCU movie trailers. You could cut together clips from Guardians, Spider-Man, and Captain America and find shots that mirror them almost exactly.

The storyline also wasn’t clear to me, which I’m not going to blame the movie for; I will be there opening day like always, as I’m sure it will be a fantastic ride.

But as trailers go, it did not do much for me.

What kind of music do you think they’re listening to in Africa these days?


Probably a variety of genres, depending on the country. I’m not even sure where in Africa the fictional Wakanda is meant to be…in the general region of Uganda, maybe, given the way both country names end? But my gut guesses that having rap as the musical leitmotif of a movie featuring a “person of color” is more likely lazy free-association on “black people stuff” than actual knowledge of what actual Africans are listening to.

Would you say that the song in question is more appropriate, or less appropriate, than a song by, say, Coldplay? Because those are the options. Disney is not about to put “world” or “ethnic” music in one if its trailers.

The options are either rap or the whitest white music this side of Skrewdriver?

It’s supposed to be in that general region, NE Africa. I think Kenya is probably the closest analogue, except quite a bit smaller. Definitely not Ethiopia-north.

I am kind of hoping the movie features an ambassador or something from Zamunda.

And region. And age, class, race/ethnicity - you know, just like in America and everywhere else.

This. Finding a pop song with a vaguely “African” feel with an appeal for Western audiences would be obvious and pretty easy but at least my eyeballs wouldn’t roll out of my head.

Somewhere, Paul Simon has just bolted upright in bed.

Hakuna Matata, eh?

They listen to rap in Africa. All 54 nations, probably. Rap is everywhere all over the globe. big grin
Woooooo I can’t wait for this film!!! Folks already drawing a line in the sand between Africans and black Americans. Hoo boy, this movie gonna be my shit!