Black Panther movie (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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And back to the thread: Gil Scott-Heron is a badass and that song was huge as a statement of thoughtful black power in the 70’s.

I like this trailer

I suspect Ryan Coogler is a little more plugged in than most of us old smart-asses. I’ll trust him on his choices.

Besides, nothing that works in ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ is bad. It’s a cultural touchstone that I’ve made sure my kids know.

I’m excited for this one. It looks like it’s trying to be more than a standard Marvel movie. That’s something we need badly after 17 previous efforts.

Forget that the music was “rap.” To me it was some badass music to accompany what appears to be a badass movie.

Now if they had used MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” you may have a point about their lazy use of rap in the trailer. But this song works. I actually liked how the lyrics and music blended in with the dialogue and sound effects.

But what about all 55 nations? Including one that’s had almost no contact with the outside world for generations?

In a trailer with no or almost no dialog, it might have worked. Here, though, I’m listening to the opening narration about seeing gods fly, and suddenly some random guy says “Uh huh. Yeah.”. It doesn’t fit. Honestly, my first thought was that this trailer was pirated from some convention or something, or recorded off of a TV, and there were other people present talking in the room.

Is Toto still together?

Heh–while the song sounded great, I gotta say I cringed a bit at using “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” in a big-screen blockbuster from one of the biggest entertainment corporations in human history. I mean, I guess it works:

-The revolution will not be [on the screens]
-This movie is on the screens
-This sure as shit ain’t the revolution, guys.

I’m super looking forward to this movie, because I love me a good comics movie and we’re way overdue for one that’s not mostly white guys and this looks great. But that song choice was a little on the corporate cynicism cooption side for me.

Also, do we know who performed that version of the song?

This touches on some of my old dislike for Black Panther; he’s the king of a wealthy, technologically advanced African nation, what the hell was he doing punching muggers in New York? Priest fixed most of that and the book became one of my favorites, once Priest was gone the book went to hell and I dropped it. Of course, I’ve dropped all comics now.

I am mad excited to see this movie and I hope it does really well, for a lot of reasons on top of just entertainment.

I love the CD and own it but he should be held accountable for this slice of stone cold bigotry

Yeah, my first thought was the drums and chanting from the opening of The Lion King. And that was in nineteen-ninety-forever-ago. Why would we think Disney wouldn’t allow “ethnic” or “world” music?

I’m not arguing that this trailer should have drums and chanting, mind you. Just saying that “Disney” doesn’t wash as a reason why they wouldn’t.

Vince Staples apparently. I don’t think the Gil Scott-Heron is a sample actually they just mixed them for the trailer.

Regarding the actual music that’s going to be in the movie, this is what Wikipedia says:

I’m just going to chalk this rap discussion up to a #twoamericas thing, and leave it at that.

One of my favorite things happening on social media right now, is watching Hotep!Twitter get all in their feelings because it looks like BP is going to be more like Hudlin and Coates’ respective runs than like Priest’s. Hoteps really seem to dislike the idea of the Dora Milaje having more agency.

Loved the trailer and I suspect I’ll love the movie.

In regards to using rap music because it’s a black character: Aren’t they using rap music because it’s a black MOVIE. The Main characters, villains and bystandards are all black, the movie’s director and both main writers are black, it’s ostensibly a black movie, why wouldn’t they use rap music?

…this is a movie with a black superhero protagonist, directed by a black director, with a nearly all-black cast, that has had people of colour excited since it was announced because finally they were going to be represented in a superhero movie, on their terms. But the white people are complaining about the music.

Huh. Never figured that was going to happen.

If it makes you feel better, I’m sure there are reactionaries whining somewhere on the web about “Marvel going full SJW” … :smiley:

This is why I’m begging that this movie be good. I’m sick of hearing that black people can’t carry a mainstream movie.

I’m black and I fucking hate Tyler Perry’s ilk. I’ve never watched Empire or Power. Every move trying to reach a black audience has to be some christian crap or goddamned criminals.

Clearly you’re not as cynical as I am.

Can I interest you in Girl’s Trip?